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Pashupati, Muktinath, etc are worshiped by Buddhists, too. They also celebrate several common religious and cultural festivals. It's a matter of pleasure that there have never been any serious religious riots in Nepalese societies.

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Despite its small size, Nepal possesses very large ethnic variations. As remarked by King Prithvi Narayan Shah, it is a garden of four castes and thirty-six sub casts. According to the national census was taken in AD, there are more than different caste in the country. Most of these castes have preserved their mother tongue languages, constitutionally recognized as languages of the nation Rashtra Bhasha besides the common Nepali language, the official language of the nation.

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All castes and sub-castes have preserved their special way of life in terms of their language, literature, costumes, music, dances, festivals, food, architecture, etc. According to article 3 of Interim Constitution of Nepal BS, the Nepalese people with multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious, multicultural characteristics and having common aspirations and united by a bond of allegiance to national independence and integrity, national interest and prosperity collectively constitute the nation. Nepali people are united linguistically and culturally.

Irrespective of their differences, they are united in a common goal and national interest of peace and prosperity, independence, sovereignty and integrity. The forebears could defend the English attacks during Anglo-Nepal War through their collective efforts.

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Unity was also the key to the success of the revolutions and movements fought for democracy and public rights. According to article 34, 'it will be the social objective of the state to create a harmonious social life based on justice and morality, by removing all sorts of socio-economic inequalities and establishing coordination between different races, castes, religions, languages, communities and creeds'.

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Then according to article 35, 'the state will adopt a policy of strengthening national unity by maintaining cultural diversity through equal development of all's languages, literature, scripts, Arts and culture, by developing harmonious social relations based upon equality and coexistence of various religions, cultures, castes, creeds, communities, origins and languages'. Diversity is our identity and unity are our specialties.

Our cultures should be protected from the undue influence of foreign ones. Religious and cultural heritages should be preserved and promoted. Religious tolerance needs to be developed and practiced in more practicable ways. Prejudices like lingual, racial, regional, communal should be avoided. Mutual respect should be developed between all components of Nepalese population and people should march forward collectively for peace, prosperity and happiness of the nation.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, swayambhu, Boudhanath, etc. The natural conditions of landform and climate have contributed in the diversity of Nepalese life style as Nepal is located between two large countries viz.

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China and India with distinctly different lifestyle respectively of the southern and northern belt of the country. And lifestyles of Nepalese people themselves are different in terms of regions, religions, castes, etc. Diversity is our identity and unity in diversity is our specialty therefore our culture should be protected from undue influence of foreign one.

The national anthem of Nepal is in tune with spirit of unity in diversity. Meaning of National Unity and Integration.

These governments are said to be unified by a love of country rather than by political affiliation. National integration: It is a positive aspect that reduces socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and strengthens national unity and solidarity, which is not imposed by any authority. It is feeling of unity within diversity.

National identity is supreme.

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