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The Body: One is by far the most voluminous part of your topic. A good thing for arranging your thoughts into a very structure is to dedicate a draft to each individual idea or point. You may have anywhere between 3 to 6 molecular areas that you get to cover in your essay to kill your response.

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So, each important Romeo and juliet poetry comparison essay make a point, back it up with new, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of that comes.

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After ampersand your conclusion, you might feel that you have completed your essay. Students who enjoyed literary analysis at GCSE but are worried about the extent to which medieval writers like Chaucer and early modern writers such as Shakespeare dominate English Lit A level often feel much happier with the more modern choices of texts that feature on A level English Language and Literature. Shakespearean plays are set but they are not compulsory; on all English Lit A level syllabuses the study of a Shakespeare play is mandatory!

You do need to appreciate that the skills being tested in the language components of this A level are somewhat different from those tested at GCSE. Nonetheless, A level English Language and Literature holds obvious attractions for those who enjoyed the creative aspects of English Language GCSE and the opportunities it afforded to consider non-literary forms of writing. Creative writing and engagement with non-fictional texts form no part of any current English Lit A level and for some students this a lack only to be remedied by opting for this particular A level.

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  6. Those equally daunted by the linguistic demands of the English Language A level or troubled by the purely literary emphasis of the English Literature syllabus should regard this A level as an excellent compromise! It is quite possible to study this subject and end up reading English Literature at degree level but do check university entrance requirements.

    On the other hand, A level English Language and Literature is perfect preparation for degree courses in English Language or Linguistics.

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    A science-based student might well be attracted to this A level as a fourth subject option to be retained or jettisoned at the end of year The subject leads naturally into all degree courses in the Humanities and is a particularly attractive option for those interested in Journalism or Creative Writing courses. A one year course in this subject is entirely feasible though any student contemplating this accelerated option needs to have A level experience in this or other A levels. Essential cookies. Other cookies disabling will remove some functionality.

    Duration 2 Years. Level Level 3. Career Sector Other. Available At Seevic Palmer's. Start Date September.

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    Course overview A-Level English Literature will encourage you to develop your interest in, and enjoyment of, literary study through reading widely and critically. What will I study? Year one 'Modern Literature from to Present Day' and a coursework essay comparing two literary texts.