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The censorship struggle in USA has changed during the years, for example between s and the control was in the hands of the Republicans and movies were battleground for politicians and propagandists of cultural values and history. However, going back in time, after s censorship was questioned as the restrictions were perceived as non-legitimate because there was no standard for the films and the appeal reached to court. Thus, films started to be considered protected speech and part of the press of the nation.

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The connection between censorship and propaganda thus is influential, especially today when the practice of censorship is still used. During the wars and the following aftermath in the face of the Cold war, movies were part of a policy pointed at the goal of reshaping international spheres of influence. In order to completely use films as tool, Russian filmmakers created a technique called montage, through which was developed a visual way of achieving a certain psychological effect which was soon used in the production of movies with anti- American films.

Nowadays, not only Hollywood has censorship relations with Russia. The Ukrainian parliament decided to accept in its film policy law that will ban more than Russia films and TV shows.

The ban is directed against productions that propagandize Russian polices or armed forces or are with anti- Ukrainian agenda. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of Berlin Wall, the film tendency changed. Furthermore, the films were a long waited answer on the communist system and its reality and thereby were noticed by the West society which turned its attention towards this region and included many of these movies in the international awards events.

The movie depicts the problems of Stalinist era and the values in the face of national identity, heroism and masculinity during time of repression and fear when the dictatorship was in its heyday. In general the movie is stage for major political debates as the director E.

Kusturica was even accused to be working for political purposes with Milosevic and thus is claimed that the movie is financed by the political party in that time. The development of such movies as the mentioned above is important because it can be noticed freedom of state control and the integration in the international community and market. In the West, in the last years of the Cold war propaganda was used majorly for international events like the danger of nuclear power The China Syndrome, or the violence and security as issues Natural Born Killers, and Top Gun, ; or even far from our point of thoughts- the situation in Chili Missing, - that is still worth mentioning.

The film depicts a military operation in Somalia, during which died 19 American soldiers.

Persuasive Ethical And The Vietnam War : Was It Worth It? Essay

As result, United States took the matter into their hands and urged Sony Pictures no to worry about the threats. Thereafter, Sony released the movie but in limited ratio. The conflict shows how influenced is the politic and the results from it in the face of collaboration and economic effects. In other words he argues that film is not only business, but it could be also major part of the core of politics. Actually, in many documentary movies could be notice features of promotion of product or service; religious proselytizing and political propaganda.

These trends are even more influential nowadays, when actors become politically involved and either from the big screen or just with their attitude and statements promote their opinions and ideas thus influencing the society. Of course, not every film has political message, but we will see that there is a percentage of films that are tools used to be made a political reference.

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This study will examine a specific selection of media texts to explore how western newspapers represented Iraqis, particularly following the…. This is not to say that the nation has been free of aggressive confrontations, however.

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In many ways, the period after the Second World War has been the bloodiest…. What has been the impact of the war in Iraq on European foreign policy? The reason frequently cited for this invasion was that…. The representation of the Vietnam War in video games is not always accurate, since video games emphasize particular historical narratives and restrict others.

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