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It is intended to support scientific research in the following topics:. March 15, Paul J. Alexander Memorial Fellowship Designed to provide funding support for advanced Berkeley graduate students who are studying Byzantine, ancient, or medieval history. Students of Byzantine history are given first preference unless an applicant in ancient or medieval history is markedly superior, in which case the award will be given to the most qualified applicant.

Graduate Fellowships and Awards

A student can receive this award only once during his or her academic career. April 15, Elizabeth Roboz Einstein Fellowship This fellowship provides funding support for doctoral candidates in the neurosciences relating to human development. Applicants must have demonstrated distinguished scholarship, as well as the ability to conduct research at an advanced level. November 3, Fellowships are awarded to students in modern foreign language and area studies, with priority given to students in the humanities, social sciences, and professional fields.

Admissions FAQ | Berkeley Graduate Division

For academic year awards, entering students will apply for the FLAS through the Graduate Application for Admission and Fellowships by the departmental deadline. Students who receive the fellowship must provide evidence that they will attend Kings College before leaving in the fall. Students must apply separately to Kings College for admission. This is not a campus exchange program. February 22, Applicants must provide brief summaries of their overall research interests and aims; questions they are pursuing or plan to pursue that are related to LGBT issues; and contributions they hope to make to LGBT-related studies.

An endorsement letter from the academic adviser is required. The Frank E. The fellowship will support outstanding Ph. All applicants are required to have passed their oral exams.

File Thesis or Dissertation (Spring 12222 Deadline)

Jim Fahey Safe Homes for Women Fellowship The Jim Fahey Safe Homes Fund for Women endowment was established in to provide scholarships for graduate students at UC Berkeley with demonstrated financial need and a strong aptitude in relevant subjects as well as a deep commitment to combating domestic violence against women.

Preference given to students who are close to graduation.

April 1, Albert Newman Fellowship for Visually-Impaired Students Award for substantially visually-impaired graduate students who demonstrate scholastic achievement and financial need. Application opens in early spring Dr. James C. Soong Fellowship Provides financial support for graduate students from Taiwan who are enrolled full-time at the University of California, Berkeley, in any field of study. March 28, To be eligible, a student must also be committed to returning to his or her country of origin after receiving the graduate degree and must not have engaged previously in graduate study at any other institution of higher learning in the United States.

May 23, These fellowships will be awarded to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research or projects aimed at reducing the health hazards of smoke and tobacco on campuses.

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To learn more about these awards, contact the program department directly. See the IEAS website for further details. See website. Townsend Dissertation Fellowships Awarded to graduate students writing Ph. The competition is open to graduate students who are advanced to candidacy, or who will be advanced to candidacy by the June preceding the academic year of their fellowship. More information, including application materials, are available online. To be eligible for financial support, international students must: 1 demonstrate financial need; 2 have completed two semesters at UC Berkeley; and 3 be registered full-time each semester.


For additional requirements, please see the BIO web site. Grants for Study in Germany and Austria Competitive IES-administered grants for Dissertation and Predissertation research in Germany and Austria are available to Berkeley and system-wide University of California students in a wide range of disciplines.

Faculty short-term research funding is also available for research involving Germany and Austria. Applications are normally due the first of February of each academic year. Please see the links below for detailed information and application forms. Feel free to share this information with UC students and faculty whose research may make them eligible to apply. No late submissions can be accepted.

Deadlines are set each semester and there are no exceptions, because of necessary time for university approval.

UCLA Online Information Session - Fall 2018

Create a course description that shows the frequency and length of class meetings; a reading list; an outline of each week's topic that includes reading required for that week; a clear description of assignments and requirements for the class, with the percentage each will contribute to the final grade and due dates.

Answer the five questions on the Course Proposal form, which must be signed by the sponsoring faculty member. The student must submit a dissertation draft to the dissertation committee in a form complete enough that the committee determines that its approval and submission to the Graduate Division will take place by the next filing date.

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  • The Graduate Division usually will not accept a Qualifying Examination more than five years old as representing current knowledge unless the student gives other evidence of continuing scholarly activity besides research for the dissertation. Termination may be based on any of the following circumstances: 1 the student no longer holds the qualifications appropriate for the award of the degree, because knowledge tested by the Qualifying Examination is no longer current; 2 continued lack of progress indicates that the student will not be able to complete the remaining requirements; or 3 the student fails to correct major deficiencies in a dissertation previously submitted for committee review within the period determined by the Graduate Division and the program.

    Procedure to request reinstatement of candidacy: Reinstatement of candidacy should be requested in the term during which the student plans to file the dissertation. If the Qualifying Examination is more than five years old the student should give other evidence of continuing scholarly activity besides research for the dissertation. A program that intends to re-enroll a student who has exceeded Normative Time in Candidacy may request reinstatement of candidacy at the same time as re-enrollment, providing the assurances of competency in required foreign languages and currency of the Qualifying Examination, and indicating when the student is expected to file the dissertation.

    A recommendation for reinstatement may be subject to review and approval by the Administrative Committee of the Graduate Council. Each doctoral candidate is responsible for filing with the Graduate Division a dissertation representing his or her own contribution to original scholarship that has been approved as such by an appropriately constituted dissertation committee.

    Students may collaborate on research projects under the traditional supervision of a faculty guidance committee. However, each student must write a dissertation that represents a cohesive presentation of the research conducted and is capable of standing independently from the group project.

    Dissertation Chairs also play an important role in assisting students in finding satisfying and appropriate career positions. Head Graduate Advisers should make sure that students are aware that they may change their Dissertation Chair. In order to eliminate potential conflicts of interest, the Graduate Division will not approve the appointment of a professor as Chair of the Dissertation Committee for a student who also works for the professor in an outside company.

    The alternative could be to appoint a co-chair. After the student chooses a topic, the Dissertation Chair and other members of the Dissertation Committee and proposal committee, if applicable should evaluate the dissertation proposal and clearly communicate their evaluation to the student.

    Research Protocols

    Faculty should advise students that if proposed research activities involve human or animal subjects, the students must obtain permission from the Committee on the Protection of Human Subjects or the Animal Care and Use Committee. During the period following approval of the dissertation proposal, the student will undertake independent or guided research and will write drafts of the dissertation, including papers presented for conferences or submitted for publication. The Dissertation Chair should set up a regular schedule of communication with the doctoral candidate throughout this period.

    If the student is away from Berkeley doing research, the communication might be less frequent, and in writing. An ideal schedule will vary; faculty working closely with students in their own labs often meet weekly with students, while those in more self-directed humanities and social science disciplines may find a monthly meeting most useful. In no case should a student go for more than a semester without communication. The chair should encourage students to undertake activities that will benefit them in their eventual job search, such as presenting research at professional meetings and publishing, if these are customary for the field.

    The Dissertation Chair should encourage and help the student acquire teaching experience, if the student is planning for a teaching career. The Dissertation Chair should be prepared to write letters of recommendation for the student and should do so promptly. It is very helpful for the student and the Dissertation Chair to agree in advance on how written material is to be submitted for review. Usually, both the student and faculty assume that the student is making good progress if the student meets mutually determined deadlines.

    If a student does not meet these deadlines, or if the quality of the work is unsatisfactory, it is the responsibility of the Dissertation Chair possibly with another member of the Dissertation Committee to discuss this with the student when these problems arise. Under no circumstances should a student be permitted to complete a dissertation that the Dissertation Chair finds mediocre and that consequently prevents the chair from writing a strong letter of support for subsequent career positions.

    Faculty should make clear to the student what needs to be done to correct any problems, and both the dissertation adviser and the student should agree on a plan to make any necessary changes. When the student submits sections of the dissertation for review, the Dissertation Chair should return the sections and commentary in a timely manner. During the semester in which the student plans to file the dissertation, the student should submit the dissertation to the Dissertation Committee at least two months before the Graduate Division filing deadline.

    If the entire manuscript of the dissertation is submitted to a reader, it should be returned within one month. Disagreements among committee members should be resolved following the policies defined below for disagreements regarding theses and dissertations. All of the requirements for preparing the manuscript for submission are provided in the dissertation filing guidelines, published separately on the Graduate Division website. Once committed, a signature cannot be rescinded. If the committee reaches agreement on its acceptability, the approval page is signed and filed. In all cases of rejection or split vote, the Administrative Committee of the Graduate Council makes the final decision.

    Occasionally, there are unusual circumstances in which students prefer that their thesis or dissertation not be published for a longer period of time.