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The genesis of this dehabilitating problem is both mysterious and complicated and I am not offering any sort of revelation in stating that it is a multi-factorial manifestation involving both biological and environmental components. The end product. Postpartum Depression in Rural U.

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S Communities Amanda L. Ruiz Widener University Overview The overview of this article is postpartum depression in rural Unites States communities.

Researchers search to find the causes and effects of postpartum depression in rural US communities. The cause that led to my downfall in college was none other than depression. My depression has affected my academic life by causing me to procrastinate, which led to my lack of motivation, resulting in my poor performance in college. This Depression is hindering my daily routine, both at home and in school. For instance, I am no longer energetic. The Causes and Effects of The Great Depression In America Few Americans in the first months of saw any reason to question the strength and stability of the nation's economy.

Most agreed with their new president that the booming prosperity of the years just past would not only continue but increase, and that dramatic social progress would follow in its wake. In fact, The Great Depression was caused by a series of factors, and the effects of the depression were felt for many years after the stock market crash of By looking at the stock market crash of , bank failures, reduction of purchasing, American economic policy with Europe, and drought conditions, it becomes apparent that The Great Depression was caused by more than just the stock market crash.

The effects were detrimental beyond the. The Causes and Effects of Depression Depression has numerous causes and effects which affect not only the person but the people around them. It is a common, treatable mental illness that can be experienced at any time in life. Most people have these feelings on occasion.

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There are several types of depression. These different types of depression describe slight, but often important, diagnostic differences.

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True clinical depression interferes with mood disorder in everyday life for weeks, months, or even years. Most people think depression affects only one …show more content…. Family and friends become worried about this person. So in turn both the person and their loved ones feel helpless. People that have strong social support and loved ones to lean on tend to recover faster than people that isolate themselves or have no one. Depression is a serious mental illness that can be treated.

Knowing the type of depression is important. A person may find the treatment that best suits them with the trial and error process.

Depression : Causes And Effects

The severity of the depression means a more intensive treatment. Most people choose to take antidepressants rather than actually getting help with their problem.

Depression essay

All of the depression treatments take time, and sometimes it might feel overwhelming or frustratingly slow. That is normal. Recovery usually has its ups and downs. Depression has numerous causes and effects. The exact cause of depression is unknown. The Federal Reserve Bank, the central bank in America failed to institute mechanisms to reduce this crisis. Politically, Rosen stated that the protectionism approach and regulations played a significant role in the emergence and escalation of the global recession crisis.

This sought to remedy the European market overproduction rates.

Similarly, in order to protect the American multinational companies; the government in instituted the Smoot-Hawley Tariff. The tariff instituted high taxation rates for imports in the Unites States. In this regard, the strategy sought to limit importation into the economy. This was a strategy to mitigate against the increased overproduction in the economy. However, although this reduced instances of over production in the economy, it led to reduced international trade.

Consequently, this reduced foreign exchange in the global markets. Increased tariffs and importation restrictions resulted to reduced international trade. As a result, economies were subjected to decreased foreign exchange.

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This implicated on the overall currency purchasing powers in the economy as currencies lost their value in the global market. International trade plays a significant role in enhancing increased currency purchasing through the development of balanced and favorable terms of trade. Through the establishment of favorable terms of trade, economies currencies increase their purchasing power enhancing increased spending and consumption levels in an economy. The international trade distribution channels proved increased employment opportunities.

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  6. Therefore, its collapse led to increased unemployment. Further, the trade allowed for increased government revenues through levied taxes and tariffs. To this effect, its reduction resulted to decreased government revenues.

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    A combination of these factors reduced earnings and government spending in the economy. Consequently, the reduced international trade perpetuated reduced money supply in the global market. The global depression crisis emergence was because of reduced money supply in the market. An additional cause for the escalation of the global recession crisis was the existence of small and numerous banks. In this regard, the banks lacked enough capital and funds to support their systems.

    As a result, there emerged the cash rush. This was a process through which banking customers sought to withdraw their funds and have them in liquid cash.

    Cause and Effect of Teenage Depression Essay

    Due to the advance and defaulted loans, the banking industry was unable to avail all the required funds. This led to the eventual collapse of the banking industry. The banking industry is an imperative component in the global market success and functioning. Therefore, the collapse of the banking industry led to the eventual collapse of the entire global economy as the banking services that enhanced transaction success no longer functions Rosen,