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Cool, right? It is just so hushed. It would be a great place to read a book, meditate, and decompress. In addition to that, I also love how the snow-capped mountains circle the lake so that it is tucked away into a little nook. It is just so impressive. I went there in the summer of The summer is when the lake shines the brightest and gives off the purest aquamarine shade of blue.

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It is just a gorgeous place. I could live there if I could! Lake Louise looks so warm and inviting, but resist your temptations and don't go swimming! Looks can be deceiving, and even though the water resembles the toasty waters of the Caribbean, the water is rarely above 5 Celsius! But despite the frigidness of the pond, it is one of the most beautiful places in my opinion. The simple beauty of the body of water is just so mesmerizing. I love Lake Louise for its colour, science, and uniqueness.

And that is why Lake Louise is my favourite Canadian destination. I love Rossland as every morning I get up and see the mountains. I am a cross country skier and a downhill skier so without the beautiful mountains and hills in Rossland and in BC there would be nowhere to ski. Rossland is a small town of 3, people. I think that we get the best of both because we are in the middle. Another great thing is transportation, there is a freeride bus that goes all over town and gets a bunch of people to work and the ski hill. The freeride bus even goes by my house! This bus provides the mountain with more customers.

In Rossland there are only two elementary schools: the French school and the English school. Both schools are close together so all of your friends are close by for after school. The one problem with school is the ski hill closes before we get home from school. This means we can only ski on weekends and on night skiing days. Canada has some great views and I think that mountains are a great part of them. In , at the peak of the gold mining the town had a population of 7,! To this day people still walk into the gold mines and take photos.

Does anyone ever ask you about where is your is your favorite place? When I talk about the CN Tower, I always remember that night… It was a great night in August of , I wanted to celebrate that my friend in China was going to come and prepare to live in Canada. She is a girl is China who is in the same grade as me. The interesting things is that she went to the same class in Canada as I did. Isn't that fantastic?

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The view from the CN Tower is good. I could see an airport, a baseball field, the one that was the main one the Toronto Blue Jays use to practice Lake Ontario, and the whole entire city of Toronto.

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Personally, I think the meal at the restaurant there was not that good though. There are many places in Canada that I could choose as my favorite, so I chose the one I spend the most time at on a daily basis other than my home, obviously. Monday to Friday usually , to , this is the place I get educated. The education is very good quality, the staff is great, and it shows in math contests.

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We the students are a diverse bunch, just like Canada! Different races white, asian, black, etc. We have different hobbies, different preferences, different backgrounds, even different educational programs we have gifted! We learn, we do activities, we participate in clubs, we help the community, and more! Some examples of stuff we do are sports events like track and field, music events including a band!

My favourite place to visit in Canada is the Maritime Provinces and in particular the tiny village of Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia where about people make their home. Although it's been over 15 years since I visited there, the feeling of serenity remains with me whenever I think of Peggy's Cove. The memory of so many fishing boats both, moored in the harbour as well as bobbing out on the ocean water, the fisherman all hard at work earning their living while the faint smell of fish penetrates the ocean air, and the little wooden houses perched high on the rocky landscape still, to this day, brings a smile to my face.

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  • A plaque, erected near the water to remember the victims of a Swissair Flight that crashed here Sept. Memories of how the inhabitants of this little village stood together and offered help, compassion and even housing to the relatives of the victims in their time of need strengthens one's feelings towards this community. Peggy's Cove will always remain an unexpected resting place for so many.

    The famous lighthouse stands tall and proud holding its secrets of all that it has witnessed over the years as it carries out its duty and guides boats safely into the harbour. Tourists are in abundance but one doesn't feel rushed, crowded or stressed, just peaceful and serene. Here you will not find shopping malls, high rise apartment buildings or subway systems but you will be sure to see friendly Maritimers, feel a gentle breeze blowing on your face and taste the salty ocean spray on your lips. You will be able to touch the rocky smooth landscape and hear the surging waters splashing against its shores as the Atlantic Ocea stares back at you for as far as you can see.

    Although Peggy's Cove is only a tiny speck in this vast and beautiful country of Canada, it will always have a special place in my heart. How many clicks can my camera make focused on just one Bull Moose? Every which way his antlers bow as he sips water from a creek is worth a hundred clicks. The lakes seem to echo with the cry of the loon and it entices canoers, kayakers and swimmers alike to be one with the early mists of fog at daybreak.

    Hiking paths and history lessons enlighten guests from countries far and wide. A cozy bonfire welcomes the spirit of sharing new memories and its shadows heighten the eeriness of the wolf as it howls in the distance. The massive rock formations envelop the roadsides, and in winter, ice decorates them with an array of blue hues.

    How excited are we every time they kiss our hands to take another raisin? The beauty of Algonquin stretches from the West to the East entrances and encircles us with its everlasting magic. Algonquin Park has my heart and the thrill is certainly infectious. My favourite destination is the historical sites of Toronto. Toronto is one of the oldest and largest cities in Canada. The one house I like to visit is Spadina House. The original Spadina House was built in by Dr. William Warren Baldwin. The house burned down in and a smaller house was built. The area was now where the wealthiest would live.

    In the house went through an expansion and a third floor was put on in To go back in time and be a guest would be so much fun. I came across the house when I visited another historical home, Casa Loma, which is also on of my go-to historical jaunts. I found Spadina House it still has all its cozy charm, unlike the impressive neighbouring castle.

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    So much so that it has given inspiration in one of my historical romance books when I describe the large house my characters live in. Others have thought so too as Spadina house has been featured in many production films. To this day I still point out Spadina house on movies and TV series. If you show your receipt from Casa Loma they will give you an entry discount. You also get a tour guide to take you around the house showing you each floor and the history behind the walls. My favourite Canadian destination is in Muskoka.

    Growing up in the city and moving to Huntsville was a complete change. From the suburbs to rural roads, concrete to grass, skyscrapers to forests. Everything was different but I was in love, once I got used to the environment. Everything was a new experience, bears, deers, the people, the main street, the festivals, the community, the snow and the bugs! Wherever my home was, was my favourite place. In the beauty of winter, watching the fluffy flakes fall slowly to the snow covered ground.

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    The lit up Christmas tree in the corner of my eye, warm fuzzy socks and a sweater sitting on the couch with a good book, surrounded by my family and pets. That was and still is, pure bliss. The wetness of spring, melting all the snow away to reveal the beauty of Huntsville again, with its grass, flowers, trees, lakes, docks, parks and animals. It's a new beginning every year.

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    In the humidity of summer, waking to sunlight streaming through my curtains, a slight breeze off the lake, the birds chirping merrily in the morning.