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Segal, , p. How I managed my feelings around observing Anna also reminded me of the work by Isabel Menzies Lyth who wrote about anxiety and how its experience, expression and sublimations are a major factor in determining personal and institutional behaviour. I often refer to the work of Isabel Menzies Lyth when I am faced with uncertainties, and it is my acknowledgment and containment of these feelings that will impact on the overall work that I do with children and their families.

In the room with Anna, I had to contain my feelings around the observation.

Early Childhood Observation

Anna continued throughout my observation to drift from one activity to the next. At one point, I observed her clasp the hand of a worker and pull her gently towards the book corner.

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The worker gently tapped the hand of Anna, letting her know she was aware of the request. At that moment, I thought of how unique and complex children are as they do not have the language to explain how they think and explore the world that surrounds them. By slowing down and observing them, we have the advantage and a willingness to speculate. Ending the hour observation was less problematic than I thought and I quietly put my coat on and said goodbye with a few children holding gaze with me as I left the room.

In the next session with Anna, I felt more relaxed and in tune with what I was trying to do. It was much more comfortable not having to put any kind of theory into practice. I had the added luxury of not having paper and pens or an assessment to complete. It was a time to observe Anna and explore my own feelings.

Anna made eye contact with me on a few occasions and I would not be convinced that she knew that I was watching her; however, that is purely my interpretation. In this session, Anna lay dozing on and off on a bean bag, and although she already had had a nap earlier, she seemed somewhat tired and lethargic that day. Beside Anna, on a separate beanbag, lay a child with cerebral palsy, and at that moment, I felt a gush of emotion run through me, and I was reminded of my own child with learning and mobility problems.

Two children, side by side, one able bodied and the other, confined to a soft cushion. Rustin identifies this problem well and suggests that recognizing feelings and working with this is very important in the work that we do. I am aware as a practitioner, that we risk professional dangerousness if our roles and boundaries are not clearly defined. Our relationships with clients need to be based on objectivity and self awareness.

This allows us to step outside our emotional needs and to be sensitive to the needs of others. I believe for any effective intervention, the worker must remain quite distinct and separate, whole and intact. It was good to be able to discuss my feelings with my seminar group and it is Erikson who talks about basic trust as the first stage of the eight stages of man. I believe that talking about observations was now similar to that described by Winnicott as holding and Bion as containing, and what emerged from the seminar group was a secure base where thoughts and feelings could be openly discussed amongst ourselves, and it was the first time that as a seminar group, that we spoke freely and openly about experiences during observations.

The remaining sessions observing Anna became enjoyable and watching her play was fascinating as her tiny hands grasped and touched the toys and objects around her. By observing her, I was to enter her world of self wonderment and capture moments by focusing solely on her. I am aware of the importance of endings and although I had clearly given my remit to the staff, I said goodbye to the children and thanked them for allowing me to sit in their class.

Child Observation Essay

I think that they were more interested in circle time and the nursery rhymes to notice my quiet departure from the room. Do you track closely the child's language development? My parents are happy to see their children pick up. Before preschool, it is a small white village with a high proportion of employees.

We will promote the five outcomes of each child's problem using an important personnel system working in the early Foundation stage EYFS. We learn to create the concept of "whole children" through games, adventure physically, emotionally and intellectually , creative thinking, and listening to children.

Work with parents to inform employees about their happiness, disposal, activities, and concerns. Early childhood educators play an important role in observing, recognizing and supporting the development of children Charlesworth, In this report, child E was chosen to observe with various observation methods, such as driving record, anecdotal record, and learning story.

Child E is a 3 year old boy.


His father is New Zealand and his mother is from China. He is the only child in my family. This is because my parents speak English at home and my mother does not want to study Chinese. Recently, I went to a kindergarten happy school in a small building in California where I am from. During the time I spent, children aged 3 to 5 played unstructured games and sat in a circle to read aloud during the calendar's time. Kindergarten is mainly child-centered within the organization, which means that it includes learning for adults that it is not structured too much for many children's activities Berk, I looked at a group of about 20 children and planned to study them overall, but I needed to especially see the two children, Edison and Jack.

The purpose of this project is to report the situation of the second child with the special needs I have seen and hear and to compare the situation I found and the first child I observed with the special needs easily. In addition, some of my own personal background information is related to the history of my students at a school that I observed two children and felt special in my way, so I ask readers It is provided. In this project, we carefully observe students with special needs and interview with adults working with these children to learn more about how teachers can better educate students with special needs I will.

Through my observation and interview, I hope that educators are not familiar with basic concepts of students who need special education, that is necessary for the educational life of disabled students.

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Observe the theme of the child: a girl of five months old, a girlfriend's daughter. This observation is done at the child's house and the church. In my observation, I noticed that there were many things related to the discussion in the class of children. I also saw how she interacted with mothers and children of other ages. During the worship of the church, I observed her through the observation window, and the parents used it to ensure that their children are being taken care of.

Observations took place on Sunday, as my schedule collided with the target mother, we only took a break. The student signs a safety note by parents or guardians and indicates that the child has signed in to the school Parents and children are aware that the environment is the environment of a family of friends, the environment is clean, warm and sunny.

It is not prepared for children, but with no toys, children can not play with other children, and about 8 other adults are gathering. Without a toy he can not run around the house and it is expected to sit for a while, so the situation seems boring for a 4 year old child.

In terms of security. Child development is amazing and shows how children interact with each other and see the surrounding world. As we study the development of children, we begin to observe groups of children from 1 to 12 years of age.

In these observations, we are aware of features such as affection, comfort and love. Through the following example, we will observe the development of our environment and will continue to explain the relevance to the text. Observation 1 I observed a twin or sibling twin, a group of Antonio and James. The student signs a safety note by parents or guardians and indicates that the child has signed in to the school Parents and children realize that the environment is the environment of a family of friends, the environment is clean, warm and sunny.

It is not prepared for children, but with no toys, children can not play with other children, and together there are about 8 other adults. Without a toy, the situation seems boring for a 4 year old child, as he can not run around the house and is expected to sit for a while.

Introduction This observation site is located at the community center early childhood education program from 11 am to pm on April 15, A meaningful experience of early childhood education can positively shape children's development. Teachers teach authentic children's artistic activities, learn from young students, encourage positive attitudes towards other children, and more importantly, to learn to interact with children in the modern world can do.

In terms of security The observation was done in the nursery school environment, and the target children were 3 years old throughout the observation period. Child B was playing for 5 months in this environment, I added my thoughts and comments to "Interpretation" in the format I used to observe my child.

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As I observed that she was able to recognize and spell her name and that many other 3 year old children in the class could not learn it, the child developed language development It seems to be in advanced fields. Child B can also tell stories through the use of memory and pictures as well as stories of "three little pigs" rhyming themes from kindergartens and memory in use, as well as stories book "The Craunching , Munching Caterpillar "tells stories in her own words to me.

Compare and contrast older children and older children. For the young age group, I observed a 6 month old boy named Manden in a friend's house. Interaction between adults and teachers: In adult interactions, children I observe tend to interact with people around the world through speech for young children. His mother and my rhythm were basically called his name and he smiled and reacted to us excitedly. As I have observed in order, I noticed that Manden responded to people around him after everyone talked to him.

The observation methods used in this report are social graphs and development checklists. However, these observations are only a part of the overall development of the child. The purpose of this social graph is to discover what the interests of child A is, who she interacts with, and what developmental stage she has reached.