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This is consistent with the Buddhist doctrine of causes and effects. One is thus responsible for all the consequences of his own psychological states and volitional actions karma. These good or bad actions or karma can be carried from one life to the other. Your well-being in this life is affected by your karma in your previous lives, and your karma in this life dictates your well-being in your future lives.

Buddhists Talk About Jesus, Christians Talk About the Buddha

The Chinese believe that if you are a good person, you may become a good person in your next life. However, if you are a bad person in this life, you may end up reincarnating into an animal or even an insect. Buddha taught the Four Truths and the Eightfold Path. Christian faith is the relationship with God, the Creator of all things.

Buddhism's challenge to Christian churches

A person is accepted by God, not because of his deeds but because of who he is, a chosen child of God. This concept is very similar to the fact you are a member of your earthly family regardless what you have done. Without this relationship, you are like a run-away child. Although we are all sinners , God still loves us and sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for our sins on the cross. God actually approached us first, like a parent looking for a run-away child! For all other religions, man seeks god instead! To establish this relationship with God, one must accept Jesus Christ as our Savior , Who died for our sins and rose again.

With the help of the Holy Spirit , we can then turn away from sin. I believe that You sent Your only Son to die for me on the cross and rose again from the grave.

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In Jesus' name I prayed. Amen The religion of Islam is built upon the five pillars that define the essential elements of Islam. In particular, historians and artist alike can see what certain Asian sculptures reflect of the culture and religious beliefs of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hinduism is the parent religion to Buddhism; much like Judaism is to Christianity. Despite Buddhism and Hinduism sharing similar philosophies and various idealisms, their respective sculptures also show their differences Religion has been accepted as one of the cultural universals, which is a trait common to all human cultures worldwide throughout the history of humanity.

While it is somewhat unclear exactly why the theory of religion has been formulated, it is clear that many societies have used a variety of religions as mediums to communicate and establish a general code of ethics to certain groups of people around the world Better Essays words 4. In class this semester, we have studied mysticism from different perspectives such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

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As a strong Christian, learning about new religions has opened my mind and heart to new thoughts and knowledge. Better Essays words 5. Religion is the belief and reverence for a supernatural power and powers regarded as creator and governor of the universe Each religion would be broken down by their religious belief, religious ritual, and religious experience Although these type of changes happened all over the world, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, one of the most notable results was Christianity. It is important to note that the development of Christianity came after the development of religions such as Buddhism and that some of these ideas migrated to the Roman Empire through trade routes , just as the Christian religion spread out rapidly through those same routes However, statistics on religious groups are complicated by the ubiquity of dual-faith practices, particularly among Hindus and Buddhists.

Buddhism was more common among the Newar and Tibeto-Nepalese groups. Hindu influence was less prominent among the Gurung , Limbu , Bhote, Tamang and Thakali groups, who continued to employ Buddhist monks for their religious ceremonies.

Since both Hinduism, as well as Buddhism, are Dharmic religions, they usually accept each other's practices and many people practice a combination of both. In , a new constitution was adopted and granted equal rights to all religions in Nepal. However, influencing others to change their religion is prohibited.

The ban on evangelism has been protested by Christian missions groups in the country, because the country has a Christian population that is growing faster than its Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu population. Therefore, many Christian missions groups are currently working in secret. Main article: Hinduism in Nepal. King Muni used to perform religious ceremonies at Teku, the confluence of the Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers. Yakshya Gupta was the last king of this dynasty.

The Kirat Dynasty ruled for — years. The first king of Kirat Yalambar and Gasti was last king of this dynasty. The Licchavi dynasty ruled for — years.

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  4. The Malla Dynasty ruled for — years. The Shah dynasty ruled for years. However, this mythology can be challenged as no such name as Ne exists in Nepali or other Sanskrit-derived languages.

    Christianity vs. Buddhism

    The current flag was established in and consists of a white moon and crescent shape emitting eight rays and also a white sun emitting 12 rays. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Religion in Nepal. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

    Buddhism and Christianity

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