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My claim to fame on "Wildwood I" was building the suspension bridge. Mostly in the rain. With garbage bag plastic protecting me from the elements. Was nervous when I told the guys in charge. Was told it didn't matter - and you know what? It didn't. Learned not to sweat the small stuff.

I felt I owned that part of the playground. I loved taking my boys to Wildwood. I'd have more fun than they did.

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I always walked over the bridge. Even if it did get a bit dicey sometimes. Always thought the floor of the playground was too high.

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Can't stand to watch kids try to walk up the slides. Joined Kiwanis and was privileged to seal the playground every once in a while. Even got my 2nd front page picture in the Sentinel doing it once. Fast forward a bit Started to take my granddaughters to Wildwood. Another generation enjoyed it. But it was showing its age. Just in time for a rebuild Bill, Billy, and Justin? I'm telling people what to do? I get a bunch of volunteers from DSW to come out to work Friday. It was blast that lasted forever after last day. No wood???

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Understood the build a lot more than the first time. And after building a barn, a. I knew it would work out and I definitely did not sweat the small stuff. And the food - it was great. I am proud of what WE have accomplished A big kid at heart The Heart of Granville. A poem by Kenzie Chesrown. The heart of Granville. Full of secret passageways, laughter, and splinters-. Endless adventures, hidden away. As children go out and seek. For their character and memories. A Home. An Essay by Isabella Marie Z. The lot sat deserted in the early morning dew, a gentle hush settled over the clearing like a misty comforter.

The quiet murmurs of a drowsy earth only interrupted by a bird call from high in the trees that ringed the remains of Wildwood Playground.

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The sun had not yet risen on the clear spring day in Granville, Ohio, leaving the world draped in ghostly fog that curled around piles of deteriorating wood and shiny plastic. If one was to squint their eyes and perhaps delve a few years back into their memory, they could just make out the silhouette of the park in the haze.

There was the grand bridge, patterned in interlocking squares, connecting two castle-like spires high above the ground. To the right were the creaky old swings, where children and adults alike arched their toes towards the sky, hair billowing unbound behind them. The monkey bars squeaked beneath sticky fingers that gripped them, white knuckled, while performing tricks of daring to amaze fellow classmates. Squealing in delight, toddlers while raced through the winding passages below the main structure, escaping the clutches of indulgent older siblings who chased after them.

Miniature cleats ground against gravel as a junior soccer game ended and the team rushed to the playground to celebrate. Giggling, they all piled into the leather-brown tube slide, which was, of course, the ultimate hiding spot for tag. When clouds swollen with rain rolled over the playground, kids crawled into the tunnel-bridge whispering excitedly as droplets pattered against the roof, the whole world smelling of old wood, wet stone and a thriving, green forest. So many footsteps placed, so many breaths taken, so many tears and laughter and memories were shared on this creaky wooden playground.

Yet it was the people, not the playground itself, that sanctified this hallowed ground. The people made it sacred, holy for how a structure built by the hands of a few was worshipped by the hands of many, be it during a game of tag with friends or an afternoon outing with family. It was a living, thrumming hub of activity and stories, to be savored and shared long after the time they were created. Dawn breaks through the misty haze of a spring morning, the phantom traces of the past dissipating in the warm light.

Rosy swathes of sunlight wash over blackened wood and tan plastic, claiming it all for the new day.

As workers pull up in grumbling cars that crunch through the gravel, Granville prepares for change, for a new era of laughter and memories. Wildwood, no matter how many times it is torn down and remade, will always be a place for growth and creativity. The appearance may change, but the vision remains the same. Share your stories about Wildwood Park Playground! We are in the process of completing Wildwood Playground 2nd Generation.

During the week of construction in April by over 1, community volunteers, many stories were shared by folks who built the first playground. Others had stories from their memories playing on the playground or with their families. We will accept original short stories and poems limit words about Wildwood Park Playground.

Please include your name, age if under 18 , and current address. By submitting to the contest, the author allows the committee to share their works publically. Limit one short story and one poem per person. TV, radio, Internet and other forms of media have great influence in shaping our lives and society. What should be the role of the media and communication technologies in the future?

How would you make use of these various tools of communication to help create a better world? In our modern world, people of different nationalities, races or religions often find themselves living and working side by side. How can peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds live together peacefully?

How can young people contribute to the creation of dynamic and harmonious multicultural societies?

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What kind of projects can you start to achieve this goal? Ignorance, exclusion, discrimination, and a lack of social integration of foreigners and immigrants within the main society may become causes of deep frustration and explosive violent clashes among young people as seen in different parts of the world. Formulate your ideas for a project or initiative to achieve this goal.

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We human beings are enabled to live through the blessings of nature and relations with other people. However, human activities are harming our planet in various ways. How can we build a global society in which everyone can enjoy a good and happy life while caring for our planet? What are some things you can do in your daily life or in your community?