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New Research Shows Women Score Higher on Certain Strengths What do you think - are there certain strengths that are more common in one gender than the other? Guess no more. We now have research that indicates this to be true. The study, conducted by researchers in Switzerland, examined well over 1 million people What would happen if you Take a quick walk? Refill your coffee? Listen to your favorite song? These are all examples of using simple, relaxation strategies to step away and ease tension. But, do they work?

Character Strengths

We are now learning, there may Read On… Researchers and theorists have discovered six core themes that contribute to healthy psychological functioning. In the post below, I'll discuss these themes and also provide advice from real people on how character strengths play a role in each of these pathways.

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Environmental mastery What it means : You manage a variety of life situations well. You create situations that match your strengths, needs, and values. Meeting forty students in one class requires time that we often do not have but I wanted to be able to personally connect with each student. During the interviews, I noticed two things. First, when I asked each student to tell me about their top five character strengths and how they demonstrate them as a student, they immediately came to life!

Normally in my EAP classes students are very quiet, but the same learners beamed and spoke with a sense of excitement as they talked about their strengths.

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The second change was in me. When I looked out at the sea of student's faces after the interviews, I saw their strengths instead of thinking about their writing skills. For example, I had one student who constantly asked questions. When I learned that two of his top five strengths were curiosity and leadership, it made complete sense. In other words, instead of seeing him as annoying I now perceived him as inquisitive and asking questions that others might be afraid to ask.

Another student, who had hounded me via email for two weeks about making up a missed assignment, had fairness as his top strength. He felt that my denial of his request was unfair and that made sense to me, so we talked one day after class and I changed my mind about the make-up test. Students had learned what they were good at and what was positive about themselves.

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The Shakespearean audience would have enjoyed his way with words. We see examples of this when he makes Polonius change his opinion several times, and makes the courier of a message take off and replace his hat three times before letting him deliver his message. Very like a whale. However, in that sense, his intellect is also a weakness. We see before the boat trip that he was always planning things, always thinking about the next move and how to act it out, but followed very little of it through until the end.

Know Your Character Strengths

That is just the type of person he was until after he sends Guildenstern and Rosencrantz to their deaths, when his anger peaks at the thought of his very own friends betraying him for the king and he loses it. Less pleasant examples of him using his words to hurt and berate people are when he attacks his mother, accusing her of incest and moving on too soon after Hamlet senior dies. Gertrude must beg him to stop.

He also causes Ophelia to be confused and insulted. He uses his words on multiple occasions to hurt, confuse, insult and belittle the women in his life.

Hamlet’s strengths and weaknesses Essay Example For Students - words | Artscolumbia

We can see from reading the text, that Hamlets personality changes throughout the text. It is most obvious after he escapes off the boat to England, and narrowly avoids death. Before the boat trip, he is indecisive, aimless and completely at a loss as to what to do. However he is a far stronger person after that boat trip than he was before it.

After the boat trip, he seems to have very few weaknesses apart from being more spontantious and not thinking as far ahead as he used to. He has been betrayed by nearly everyone in the play, so is it really shocking when he finally decides to do something, rather than watch and procrastinate, since it has only made things worse and worse for him thus far? If you look at it that way, is there any reason he should trust those people, when they have already turned their backs on him? Did he make the first move? Or did he just finish what they started?

Hamlet is a very good judge of character. He can differentiate between those who are loyal to him and those who act loyal to him, and that shows he is very observant, even if it might not seem it in the play because he fools everyone into thinking that he has lost his mind.

The Psychology of Zest

Hamlet is indeed a very complicated character with many strengths and weaknesses. However given what he has been put through, the audience can also appriciate his weaknesses and understand why he has them.

He also covers his weaknesses adequetely with his strengths so that they do not hold him back for long before he overcomes them. This is very admirable of him and nearly makes Hamlet an inspirational character to a degee.

He remained true to himself and those he cared about until the very end. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but as a child, its hard to deal with your weaknesses. Its not until you grow up and realize that you have to use your strengths to overcome your weaknesses. Combining logic with technology can be a useful tool. For me it was the way to overcome my disability. Early on in my education I encountered learning disabilities.

These learning disabilities included reading, spelling, grammar, and difficulty in time writing reports.

Zest in Positive Psychology: Satisfaction in Life and Work

These learning disabilities have frustrated me. I wondered Why couldnt I do this? I knew that I had the intelligence, but I just could Hamlet is immature, sarcastic, and takes action during the heat of passion which is very much like the behavior of the youth in the s. Love, control over action, and the ability to overcome depression are just a few ways to prove maturity.

It is obvious Hamlet loves Ophelia in his own way.