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I am really fond of animals but my favorite among all animals are dogs. The four footed, bright shiny eyes and powerful sense of smelling is what makes them different from other animals. They are robust and are extremely loving and faithful to their masters. I have a pet dog and its name is Murphy.

It is an American Labrador and has a black coat. It is two years old and is very smart, agile and active. It has long ears and a long tail. All dogs are extremely faithful and loving.

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They are most affectionate of all the animals. I have always wanted to adopt a dog but I was delighted beyond words when my friend gifted me a cute little puppy.

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He was just 30 days old and was so fragile and soft. Pussy cat loves to drink milk. My Pet : My pet animal cat Short essay , essay for kids , essay on My pet 50 — words.

It is always by my side. It is a rare animal. Essay formal letter complaint about bus service!

It is a very useful and an obedient animal. It is found everywhere. It has no horns on its head. It has two bright eyes.

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He protects me and my family during night times. He loves going outside with my family on picnic. Rocky is very safe and clean dog.

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He is very humble and child friendly dog. All the family members like Rocky. Rocky is a little bit funny nature. He loves dancing and running with kids and children.

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He is very happy when he is around children. I am very happy with rocky having my best friend. I serve him milk, fish and fresh meat. I regularly take rocky to have its medical check up. Rocky is really a best and sincere friend of mine.

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I will always be thankful to my uncle for giving me the best gift of life long friend, Rocky. Dog is a very sincere and loyal pet animal. It serves its master all the time.

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It has unique qualities of loyalty, faithfulness, sincerity, wisdom and emotional attachment with its master. The dog has been a partner of mankind since the ancient times. The dog is found everywhere around the world. There are hundreds of varieties of dogs. But each variety has one common thing that is sincerity and loyalty to the master.