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He issue books to students and teachers. There are many story books, magazines, and novels in it. Books are kept there in almirahs.

We can get books of our choice. We go to the library every week. Books are added our extra knowledge. Essay on My School Library words.

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A temple with an idol is not a temple. A school without a library is no school. There is a big library in our school. Thousands of books are available different subjects such as history, geography, science, novels, journals and etc. The books and magazines are arranged in rows on iron shelves. A teacher remains in charge of it.

The librarian issues book to teachers and students and take care of it. Every year new books are purchased. We go there ounce a week to read book and magazines.

Essay on My School Library

Every school should have a library. The library is very much useful to increase our knowledge. A big room or a hall where all types of books are available for free reading is called a library. No school can be perfect without a good library.

My school has a well-equipped library. It is a house of knowledge.

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The books provide us with specialized knowledge, information and wisdom. There are more than seven thousand books in it. It is divided into two sections, one for the students and another for the teachers. Essay Writing.

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The school should also purchase more tables and chairs and discard those that are wobbly. It is high time the school upgraded the computers. Some of the students who are computer-savvy have offered their services for free. All they ask for is the right software and hardware. Spoilt computers should be discarded and replaced with new ones. We, the librarians, are willing to source for new computers from the local community. The school should buy new books. There should be a ratio of four books to every student in school. The teachers should buy books that the students like to read.

This can easily be done by getting feedback from students on their favourite authors and the type of books they would prefer to read. Finally, the problem of inadequate reference books can be solved by purchasing multiple copies of such books. We hope the school authorities will look into our complaints and consider our suggestions in improving the conditions of the library. Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia.