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Others get discouraged and search for other means of livelihood without any certificate to show that they attended school. The government can improve the education level in this system through a number of ways. First, they should allocate more funds to the education department. They can do this by asking for more funds from donors or other non-governmental organizations.

Long and Short Essay on Indian Education System in English for Children and Students

Increase in funds will solve many other problems. The government should provide books and stationery to all students. It should also employ more students in order to serve the teacher deficit in most government schools. It should build more classes in the existing schools ad more schools in the areas that have high population in order to solve the overcrowding issue.

It should offer more chances for re-sitting the exams. Two chances are too few for many students. Many students pass with the third attempt. Ethiopia experiences similar problems as those experienced in other African countries. For the government to solve some of these problems, it needs more funds.

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However, other problems require other forms of effort. For example, encouraging parents to take their girl child to school requires effort and public awareness on the benefits of educating a girl child. Overall, the system continues to improve the lives of Ethiopians at the turn of every year.

Discussion In the year , the government allocated 4. Conclusion Ethiopia experiences similar problems as those experienced in other African countries. Our advantages. Paper features. We accept.

Present Education System in India Essay

Secondary education today neglects co-curricular activities. Mere curricular activities cannot help to develop all round personality of an individual. Here lies the need of organisation of a co- curricular activities. Today we need Spartan outlook. Human beings are essentially psycho-physical in nature. National security depends to a large extent on its able bodied citizens. Sound mind is not possible without sound body.

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Swami Vivekananda greatly emphasised physical education. Many of them have no play-grounds. This is particularly true in cities where the students play in the streets. However, new Education Policy has emphasised physical education. Many secondary schools still suffer from the inadequate number of able and trained teachers. Training is a pre-requisite condition for successful teaching and professional growth.

Able and suitable teachers are also not available everywhere particularly in rural Areas. Teachers should be trained in basic and vocational curriculum also. Teachers are like the spinal chord of the school. The school cannot function well if the teachers are inefficient and inadequate in number. Today the schools have few able teachers.

Still many secondary teachers are untrained. The teaching profession do not attract talented students.

Conditions of work and service of teachers should be improved. Private tuition by teachers should also be discouraged.

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The curriculum poses a great problem in the field of secondary education. It is difficult to have an universally accepted curriculum because the needs of one state differ from the others. Our country is a multi-lingual and multi-religious country. In recent years the Secondary School Curriculum is almost uniform with some variations according to local needs. Inspite of this there are some inherent defects in the curriculum. Both the Mudaliar and Kothan Commissions made some fruitful suggestions to make the secondary- school curriculum up-to-date and useful.

But these have not produced the desired results. Many defects still persist in the curriculum and new defects have appeared. It does not properly reflect the needs of the individual as well as the society. It is narrowly conceived and is largely of unilateral character. There is not sufficient variety and elasticity. It is theoretical bookish unpractical and not life-centred.

The curriculum is heavy and overloaded particularly at the plus-two stage. The curriculum still lays great emphasis on the acquisition of the knowledge and comparatively little on the building up of those skills, aptitudes, values and interests which are essential for the full development of the student personality. There is little scope for vocational training which is essential for rapid economic development, proper utilization of natural and human resources of the country.

Modern activity-centred methods are not applied by the teachers. As a result the lessons become unproductive and the effects are far from satisfactory. Most of the secondary schools are over-crowded, ill-staffed and suffer from inadequate number of teachers and accommodation. The average teacher-pupil ratio is 1: But for effective arid creative teaching it should be 1: No fruitful teaching is possible without personal contact between the teacher and the taught. Next comes the problem of text-books which is also intimately connected with the problem of curriculum and methodology of teaching.

Many students suffer from want of text-books which are very costly.

Text-books are often changed. This has added fuel to the fire. It is not possible for them to purchase text-books for their children and to supply necessary stationery needed for educational purposes. They cannot bear other educational expenses of their wards.


It might have been better if text-books could be supplied free of cost. In many socialistic as well as capitalistic countries text books are supplied free of cost upto secondary level. But our educational system has not yet been nationalised and the budgetary provision for education is very scanty. Under the circumstances, the Govt.

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Due to competition the private publishers also will be forced to maintain the reasonable quality or standard. The entire system of education is vitiated by examination.