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Then I go there, speak with the guards and they are released. Tourism is an industry that promises profit, the slum promises misery. Ronny has been visited by many journalists.

He knows all the objections and he lists them for us. Most of the criticism comes from his own country: that he discredits the country when he shows tourists the slums, that he commercially exploits misery. But Ronny does not give the impression that he wants to make himself important or that he wants to become rich. At the end of the tour, three women pull us into a small dim room where we sit on the floor.

Not as short as ours. It is about the identification of a long-nosed white person, not about my exceptionally beautiful nose.

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They ask whether we have husbands. I take a photo of Vania, an year-old girl, who immediately assumes the usual camera pose here: the fingers in a victory sign and an MTV star smile.

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I ask how I can send her the photos. As printouts by post? Does she have e-mail?

Why did the poet's mind wander to far-off climes?

On the way back we come to an intersection where several boys stand on the edge of the road and watch the cars. One stops and a boy gets in. According to law a car must be occupied by at least three persons here.

The boys are rented until the control zone is over, and then they get out, run back and rent themselves again. Logic is undermined with logic. Some women also do this, and they sometimes rent a baby as well. This means two passengers and they earn even more. And then there are the Indonesian authors we meet in the first days.

Essays on Art and Literature

They talk a lot. There is apparently a great hunger for attention here, a strong need to communicate the history of the country beyond its borders. The car eats through lush tropical greenery up the mountain. The Eddie Vedder soundtrack to the film Into the Wild is playing in the car. My companions, two students of English literature, are happy when I say I like the film. They write poems.

They read their poems aloud in the streets. They want to be poets they say self-confidently and beaming. No one would have the nerve to say this in Germany.

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In a country known to be literature-lazy like Indonesia, I expect that even less. The parents are writers and journalists, a father of one of them is also an imam. All very understandable. Later I learn that positions are inherited. This confidence about their future livelihood is hence not naive. They belong to the widespread matrilinear Minangkabau people on Sumatra.

The streetscape is different here: the women sit in front of their houses, really their houses. Some houses even have the incredibly upward curved towers on the pinnacled roofs. Traditionally, the husband has to sleep outside, my two companions tell me full of respect, and that after turning twelve they themselves never again slept in the house of their mothers.

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Free shipping for non-business customers when ordering books at De Gruyter Online. Please find details to our shipping fees here. Print Flyer Recommend to Librarian. The Sorrows of Young Werther. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Sorrows of Young Werther is a loosely autobiographical novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, first published in It was Goethe's first major success, turning him from an unknown into a celebrated author practically overnight. In these letters, Werther gives a very intimate account of his stay in the fictional village of Wahlheim based on the town of Garbenheim, near Wetzlar , where he meets and falls in love with Lotte, a beautiful young girl who is taking care of her siblings following the death of their mother.

Lotte is, however, already engaged to a man named Albert. Despite the pain this causes Werther, he spends the next few months cultivating a close friendship with both of them. Every day serves as a torturing reminder that Lotte will never be able to requite his love Here indeed is a monumental Faust, an audacious man boldly wagering with the devil, Mephistopheles, that no magic, sensuality, experience, or knowledge can lead him to a moment he would wish to last forever.

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