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In all cases, the function always ends with the singing of the national anthem with due respect. Independence Day in India is the most important day for all Indian citizens since our country is liberated from British rule. We celebrate this day every year on 15 August , after the sacrifice of thousands of freedom fighters. The image of historical India brings tears to the eyes. As a result of the autocracy system and the divided system of society with scope and poverty, distribution and belief, the British saw a gap to rule India. The British began to rule Indians, forcing them to listen to their orders, began to torture and beat Indian workers severely who worked for them.

The Indians were punished very hard, even they were not giving proper food after working the whole day. We are all surprised by the bloody behavior of the British under British Raj Finally, on August 15, , India regained its independence. After fighting for a long time, and life sacrifices resulted to get India Independence. The day is celebrated as a national holiday. Every year we celebrate Independence Day as a tribute to the spirit of freedom, courage, and sacrifice of countless men and women. The day is celebrated in all schools, colleges, hospitals, and all other types of government and private organizations raising our national flag and singing our national anthem.

It is completely due to their actions that we people live as free who enjoy natural rights and exercise our mandate, thus participating in the administration of our country. The main objective of the celebration of this great day is to remember the great freedom fighters and re-analyze the situation of those days. Today, after many years of independence, our country is on the right track in terms of development.

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We are all responsible for our country and we are proud to be Indians. We should always be ready to save our country from bad people. It is our responsibility to advance our country and make it a better country in the world. In the course of history, India has faced many invasions. The Mughal emperors that prevailed over India were in its last breath at the end of the s and s.

As a result, India became politically unstable and unable to launch an organized resistance against Britain. The fact of having a strong army allowed the British to obtain many military victories over their competitors, especially the French, in South Asia and participate in the conquest of Mughal India.

After the collapse of the Mughal Empire, the British gained the support of several regional leaders by offering help against their opponents. British support has been beneficial for Indian leaders, considering that the British were armed with the latest technologies and weapons of war.

It all started with the British East India Company, which started as a business, but it spread its wings and influence before the British government took control of the entire country. In exchange for its services, East India Company was able to establish its shopping centers in important areas such as Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras. The British began to develop their fortification. Siraj-ud-daulah , the Bengal Nawab, asked them to end their expansion and defeated him at the Battle of Plassey This triumph of Siraj-ud-daulah played an important role in the colonization of all of India.

Due to its short-term advantage, many Indian leaders have claimed British colonization in India, but many have opposed this foreign domination. This led to a battle between local Indian leaders, a group of leaders accepted the British government, while the other group opposed the British government: this conflict between local rulers took advantage by the British.

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Many leaders like Hyder Ali and Dheeran Chinnamalai sought help from Maratha leaders in their fight against the British. Although the British managed to defeat the most powerful leaders, such as Tipu Sultan, through local alliances supporting one local leader against another , they did not feel any major problem in stopping the rebellions mainly the Tribal and local agrarians. Although the British did everything possible to suppress the rebellions in India, these revolts did not stop, because the British not only subjected the Indians to foreign domination but also fully exploited local resources and population.

After Mahatma Gandhi returned from South Africa in , more fuel was poured to the freedom struggle. Everyone like Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Chandrasekhar Azad, etc… participated in the movement in their own way but the idea or the vision was the same to expel the British from the country and bring Independence.

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Consciousness in constant growth, contact with the outside world and the desire to liberate the country gave rise to an organized movement towards the end of the 19th century, which put an end to years of British rule in Indian Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country as a national holiday in India. It is observed every year in all Indian states and territories of the Union with enthusiasm. After raising the flag, the national anthem is sung and 21 shots are fired to greet and honor the Indian flag with great respect. The raising of the flag by the Prime Minister in the Red Fort is simultaneously followed by the raising of the flag in other parts of the country.

Government offices, schools, universities and offices of private organizations seem to be devoutly observing their independence when decorating colored flags, wearing traditional clothing and greeting each other. It is one of those rare festivals that all India celebrates together. The Indian Prime Minister highlighted all the achievements of last year, the important social problems and their solutions, the future development of the country, the problems of education, etc. As they are parts of our bodies, most people use them every day. S ure, it can get a little discouraging, hearing about all the ways in which humans are harming wildlife.

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