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Just like his namesake, he, Martin Luther, Sr. As a preacher of Ebenezer Baptist, the ev pressed the church members to fight Jim Crow rulings - local rulings. These laws denied fair treatment to the African-Americans. The rulings violated human rights guaranteed to every U. He demonstrated his words with action.

In January of the year [footnoteef:3], he organized a demonstration against the separation of elevators in the local district courthouse. After eight months, the ev ran an initiative to register the African-Americans as electorates. In…… [Read More]. This famous speech affected the crowd of approximately , civil rights supporters who attended the March on Washington, but it has also affected millions of lives, because it was an important contributory factor in changing the image of civil rights and, in the same time, in changing the whole American system.

Without fail, Martin Luther…… [Read More].

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Mill asserted that the good can only be measured by the consequences of an act, whether pleasurable or painful. In its well-known simplified form, the maxim of Utilitarianism says that what should be chosen is what brings "the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people.

King would have agreed on its social principle to maximize good for the most number of people, while disagreeing with the notion that mental happiness is higher than physical happiness. King's view of happiness is related to the direct physical conditions of humans, like poverty and inequality. He would have advocated raising the freedom and happiness of oppressed people physically above all.

Only then could pleasure be increased in social conditions of equality and freedom. King would have appreciated the practical emphasis…… [Read More]. The context of the speech is important: millions of Americans were growing tired and fed up with the lack of progress made with civil rights and equality. As Mount puts it, "In 's America, the equality of man envisioned by the Declaration of Independence was far from a reality.

People of color -- blacks, Hispanics, Asians -- were discriminated against in many ways, both overt and covert.

He also understood the need to work systematically to eliminate oppression and injustice. In , something momentous happened in King's life that would ultimately lead to his earning the Nobel Peace Prize in Of corse, there were some African-Americans like Malcolm X, an otspoken champion of black activism, who felt that King's non-violent ideals wold never work and ths spported the se of violence or at least the threat of violence in order to win the concessions they demanded.

Ironically, Dr.

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Bt King's legacy lived on and by the end of the 's, segregation had been otlawed and all African-Americans achieved eqal rights related to employment, voting and the ability to rn for pblic office at the state…… [Read More]. MLK in His Letter. I can assure you that it would have been much shorter if I had been writing from a comfortable desk," para.

The use of sarcasm allows King to retain his sense of confidence rather than to seem conciliatory to those who have thrwarted civil rights. Earlier on, King also uses sarcasm to enhance the confident tone of his writing. To achieve a balanced tone in the letter, King blends anger regarding discrimination with the hope of liberation. Doing so, King frames civil rights as a necessary part of achieving the social order and the goals of the Founding Fathers. He remains angry while also pointing out that liberation was the ultimate goal of American Independence.

King…… [Read More]. And Lewis Van Dusen, Jr. Each argument is eloquent, well-organized, impassioned, and thorough. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find weaknesses in King's actual argument: his position is supported with historical fact, personal experience, and ethics.

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He challenges the status quo, which is always irksome, but his argument is sound. Van Dusen, while he has a point about the destructive consequences of mob mentality, fails to understand the ingrained prejudices in the democratic system he holds so dear. Martin Luther King's Letter to the Alabama. Martin Luther King's Letter to the Alabama clergymen written while he is jailed in Birmingham Jail, it is apparent in Luther's reaction that the clergymen disagrees with Luther's course of action, that is, to protest in a "nonviolent," yet "direct" action par.

The clergymen described King's actions in Alabama as "unwise and untimely," since his actions and protests against racial discrimination, according to the clergymen, only brought up tension and pressure to the somewhat peaceful status of the Birmingham society.

The action taken by King's group was unwise because of the increased tension that the protests had brought in the society, and untimely, since many of the white American population sees the racial discrimination problem as something that will be solved "in due time," an issue that King termed as the white American society's belief in the "myth of time" par. The clergymen's disapproval of King and Co.

Martin Luther King's Contribution to. He was more than just a figurehead with tremendous oratory skills. As an advocate of non-violent protest he helped formulate, and implement, one of the most important strategies of the Civil Rights era. However, his most important contribution to the Movement was his ability to connect with a majority of Americans. His message concerning injustice and equality swept away divisions based on class or color because he reminded the nation that its very foundations were based on such ideals. Without King's message it is unlikely that history of the Civil Rights Movement would even be recognisable.

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Consequently, King's contribution to the Civil Rights Movement in America was undoubtable extremely significant. Many people believe that Obama's election to President of the United States was a fulfillment of King's infamous speech and it is not difficult to see that Obama's speech "A More Perfect Union" can easily be compared to King's speech as well. The two have quite a bit in common for important figures from different eras, and one of the things that they have in common is that racism is still alive and well in the United States. While King was faced by rampant public racism of his time, Obama has faced a new kind of racism that King was never subjected to -- Internet racism.

In the months leading up to his being elected to President, the amount of threatening remarks on…… [Read More]. Martin Luther King explains that it is vital that mankind learn to put aside war-making in favor of active peace-making. His argument is in some respects firmly set in his historical era, as he is arguing against the Vietnam war. However, there are many ways in which his arguments are uncannily modern as well, and might be applied just as easily to the current world situation. He suggests that nation-states, like individuals, should embrace the way of non-violence which is active in trying to make and build peace through consensus and service.

King understands that the problem of modern war, which he describes as inherently futile and self-destructive, are more complicated then to be solved in a simple and instantaneous fashion. Personally, I think he is right in this, but that he fails to go far enough.

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King believes that by making a "peace race" for the creative ability to…… [Read More]. Works of Martin Luther King Jr.

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In it, they called upon Dr. King for an end to the protests and what they considered "civil disobedience" taking place in the city Patton They urged instead for patient negotiation and legal action to address any perceived denial of rights to black citizens. King responded calmly and rationally to the issues raised in the open letter. In what is one of his only written works, the Letter addresses the men as "Fellow Clergymen" and as "brothers.

His approach towards the struggle was based on nonviolent civil disobedience as opposed to armed struggle. In that, he was inspired by the philosophy of nonviolence used by Gandhi to gain independence for India against the British. Despite belonging to two different cultures and historical periods, there is great fundamental similarity in the philosophies of both the leaders.

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At the same time, King adopts a more active approach and gives relatively less stress on personal suffering and endurance. Since the British had military superiority over the local Indian population, Gandhi devised a novel and effective strategy to highlight…… [Read More].

English Literature Martin Luther King. It is also more likely to create a constructive rather than a destructive outcome, it is a process of conflict resolution that may aim to arrive at the truth of a given situation rather than simple victory for one side and it is the only technique of struggle that is consistent with the teachings of the major religions eber and Burrowes, n. Nonviolent action is a method by which people who reject passivity and submission, and who see struggle as necessary, can have their conflict without violence. Nonviolent acts are not seen as an attempt to steer clear of or ignore conflict.

They are one reaction to the problem of how to act effectively in politics, particularly how to wield powers effectively. It consists of acts of protest and persuasion, noncooperation and nonviolent intervention designed to undermine the sources of power of the opponent in order to bring about change…… [Read More]. Philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.