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Being creative, we have to see this as the ulitimate creative challenge- to change our immediate world in every imaginable way while we wait for cold fusion to save our asses! Great essay! It would be impossible to live without a car here as our business is repairing vehicles! However we do try to make the rest of our lives as green as possible.

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Excellent follow up to Green Winter! The houses in our neighbourhood are being obliterated by SUVs. I was a little sad when the story ended though. Perhaps you should consider keeping a green diary and updating it whenever you make a green choice? Your essays are such an inspirational platform and the artwork is great fun.

Well, I just received an email from Franke, letting me know that her latest visual essay is online.

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I absolutely love it, and highly recommend you check it out! Blogged: Selling the SUV. Clearly she is taking the issue seriously, for after much illustrated soul-searching, she has sold her SUV and gone car-less. Her new illustrated essay describes the reasoning and the reaction. I found it particularly interesting because it is counter-intuitive.

We promote Compact Fluorescents because we think of them as first steps, painless and cheap, doing the easiest things first. Franke suggests Doing the Hardest Thing First, which for her is giving up the car. She lives near a subway and shopping but it is a lot tougher than changing a light bulb.

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And the change in her life that results is a lot more significant. Really great post…you have managed to find a way to appeal to both cynics and supporters alike. Great job. Maybe you should approach Harper for his follow-up on the one-tonne challenge? Granted, his colleagues in Alberta might not like the diminished demand for oil very much.

Franke James - My Dangerous Art

As I ventured through your work of art, it captured my imagination in a manner that only words plus art can accomplish. I am impressed. My girlfriend and I have been car-less by choice for over 2 years now and it really is a wonderful feeling knowing that you are making a difference and setting an example for others.

We made the choice after realizing how much money we were throwing into our vehicle each year in gas, upkeep and insurance. We had always used our vehicle as little as possible, walking when we could and riding our bikes when it was a little further… using the car just for long distances. But in the end we still felt like we were contributing and taking part in something backwards… burning fossil fuels — not to mention all that concrete and blacktop sucking up and releasing heat…. We continue to have people tell us we are crazy and asking us silly questions like how we survive.

But slowly we are hearing more and more people say that they would love to be able to do the same. We are seeing friends leave their cars at home more and more and driving less and less. Change is slow but it is coming nevertheless. I love the picture of David Suzuki!

How Franke James Blends Art, Activism & Environmentalism

He really is the green face of Canada. We are trying to do our bit, too. We replaced our 15 year old BMW with a Mini. If we all work together we can conquer global warming. Fantastic job of it too! Derrick dear my blogging mentor and hero had told me about you when you first met in Chicago, but today shared your work with me. Thank you and I applaud you — please hear my roar!! I am a closet creative, author, advocate of wellness in several areas: being green, prevention through nutritional supplementation hello!!

I earn my living wellness consulting! It did. For some people it may be too […]. This is fantastic — I love your approach! My friend at the next desk over is laughing out loud right now as she reads it. We wanted to get rid of our ft wide driveway and replace it with green space which would help […]. James environmental visual essays have been featured in […]. With mass transit and walking it has been easy to get around. But I […]. Tired of wordswordswords on green blogs? I bumped into Franke James recently on Twitter and have since discovered her marvelous visual essays.

Well, we sold our only car, an SUV, in February We built a green driveway despite facing objections from the City. I can […]. I told the students about us selling our only car so that we could whack down our emissions — and feel that we were doing something.

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Franke James uses her blog to provide an ongoing account of how she has changed her lifestyle in an effort to do her part to […]. This essay is so cool! I completely agree with your message. I get everywhere by walking and taking public transportation. I rarely run into problems, I save money, and I get to bump into cute guys. Win, win! And of course ride my bicycle everywhere, except in the depths of winter I hate winter, much as we must fight global warming … ;-. I think we have to rethink the urban form and not merely cars — there are far too many single-family houses in many places, too much land wasted for grassy lawns and worse, paved over.

For me, that was selling our SUV. My husband and I are selling our car this summer, I was feeling a bit anxious despite living in Vancouver with relatively mild winters and easily accessible transit.

But if you approve the Keystone XL saying it does not ‘exacerbate carbon pollution’ then…

Now I feel, if you can do it in Ontario, so can we. Thank you for sharing. Good question! I love to take the train — I take pictures out the window. Some places are not accessible by train, so then I take a bus. We have three grocery stores within easy walking distance. All of the amenities I could want are within walking distance food, banking, clothing, hairdresser, hardware, cooking, flowers, bagels, coffee shops, LCBO, etc.

She sent me eight questions numbers three, four, five, six and seven being the most challenging! What a great opportunity… but what are my answers to these very BIG questions? How would you answer?

Let me know what you think… […]. The truth was I had never been exposed to such original expression or voice. She impressed me. In it she sketched her […]. Franke James sold her SUV. Jun 27, Eli rated it it was amazing. Canadian artist Franke James uses a series of visual essays to depict her experience of having her European Art Tour de-funded and eventually cancelled by Harperite bureaucrats.

The purpose of the tour -- getting kids to create their own art dealing with climate change -- put Franke on the Conservatives' shit list. Using access to information requests, she was able to find out that the reason behind her blacklisting was literally that her art conveyed a message on climate change that Canadian artist Franke James uses a series of visual essays to depict her experience of having her European Art Tour de-funded and eventually cancelled by Harperite bureaucrats.

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  • Using access to information requests, she was able to find out that the reason behind her blacklisting was literally that her art conveyed a message on climate change that was contrary to the position of the Harper Government. Clearly if the Harper-Oliver-Baird circle jerk had their way, the only art allowed in Canada would be bitumen-stained Conservative propaganda. Thankfully, there are people like Franke James who are not afraid to speak out.

    A very easy read that brilliantly illustrates the length to which Harper and friends will go to suppress democracy and just about anything that goes against their narrow vision. Six stars. Sep 09, Kelly Nicola rated it it was amazing Shelves: canada , non-fiction , politics , art.

    A set of striking graphic essays dealing with the shocking tale of the Canadian government censoring an artist, and the way she found out about it.