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Telegraph Education. These grades will lead to us fooling ourselves into assuming that young people are doing much better than they actually are Professor Alan Smithers.

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Thank you for your support. Watch out for Mixed Units Quite often different units are used to measure quantities in the same question, for example:.

The golden rule is to always work with just one unit throughout, either all centimetres or all metres or all kilometres. Change any different measures at the start of doing the question to the same unit. Beware the Calculator Paper! GCSE Mathematics is the hardest GCSE exam to get the grade you need, and far from making the exam easier, using a calculator often results in more mistakes and a lower mark than in the non-calculator paper. It is even more important to show all your working out on the Calculator paper as it is very easy to do two or three lines on your calculator without showing any working out.

GCSE Mathematics Revision Resources

You would lose all your method marks, and if you have made a mistake you won't get any marks at all. As the exam paper consists of more method marks than accuracy marks it is essential that you show all your working out. Don't Measure Diagrams Ifit states "diagram not accurately drawn" then do not bother measuring the diagram, it will not help you, and it will waste time. Write Down Measuring Units Remember to write down the units you are using e. If you forget, you will lose 1 very easy mark. It is very easily forgotten though! Good examination technique should be practised as part of Intermediate GCSE Maths exam preparation, and when revising the most essential exam questions and exam topics.

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A student asks: Hi, I am struggling with trying to revise for my GCSE maths calculator mock… I was wondering if you could give a few tips on how to revise for this exam in particular. Give them what they want As the old joke asks, what do you call a gorilla with a machine gun? Estimate first Any time you use the calculator, it's worth having a little think about what you expect the answer to be. Speaking of triangles Show your working It's tempting to look at a question, push a few buttons, and write down the answer.

Use the formula sheet On the front page of your exam is a handy-dandy list of formulas for prisms, cones, spheres, triangles, quadratics and sometimes trapeziums. Use your answer button Down in the bottom right, by the equals sign, is one of the best buttons on your calculator: the Ans button. Get good at proportions I just looked at the November calculator paper Linear Quick checklist, just for this paper: Q8 'Best value' shopping 3 Q10 Percentage increase 3 Q13 Ratios 3 Q21 Reverse percentages 3 Q22 Similar shapes 4 Q23 Finding an angle 2 3 Q24 Stratified survey 2 Q25 Direct proportion 4 Q27 Histograms 4 Phew - and that's without a currency conversion, a pie chart, a recipe, a map to scale, any probability, a density question, or a speed-distance-time thing.

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Check your answers - it's easiest if they're neat Everyone makes mistakes - in exams and in revising. Click here to get my e-book on Exam Technique!

WJEC GCSE Unit 1 Intermediate Tier Specimen Paper Summer 2017

More from my site HOW much rice? Some exam technique tips for the new GCSE.

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