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She is quite a scruffy girl who does not seem to take pride in her appearance. We can see this because her hair is a mass of rogue curls, her stockings are baggy and uniform is generally not particularly tidy. When Juliet arrives at school Pauline is full of admiration. Juliet is everything she would like to be and she had things like status, money and a nice car she thought she deserved.

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Though the obvious difference in status, Pauline felt appreciated and accepted by Juliet. We see her character changing, before she had a sulky look on her face but now she can be seen smiling and laughing. Juliet understood having a childhood full of illness as she had suffered from tuberculosis and Pauline from osteomalitus.

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The clay creatures are the characters and the girls themselves have the roles of some of their main characters. Pauline is made memorable by her uniqueness.

She is not held in by the restraints of society. We are stark raving mad. Pauline is a memorable character in Heavenly Creatures because of the unique and mystifying way she sees life. Jackson also help us to remember her character through her appearance and what she says. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Frankenstein, the creature itself is portrayed similar to women. The creature in this novel was similar to women because they were both more than what they were seen as by society, yet suffered from the stereotypes that were put upon them. In the Victorian age, the stereotype of women was that they were seen as nothing more than housewives and objects.

The creature in Frankenstein, who is eight feet tall, extremely strong, and put together by old body parts is abandoned by his creator. The creature tries to…. This is a question with no right answer because it depends on the beliefs of the person answering it. From a debate people agree that the creature has soul. From reading this book there was plenty of evidence in the book to convince any reader this. Even something like the Creature has feelings because no one could live life with zero emotions and opinions. Even animals have a soul because they do feel happiness and sadness. Just look at dogs for example.

He just like Victor also is always writing to his sister. Robert He wishes a partner above all else, a buddy with whom he can share discussions with.

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His excitement at having Victor appear on his vessel indicates his wish for a friend, as does his terrible frustration when Victor passes away. In this way Robert is a trustworthy narrator because he too understands the loneliness felt by Victor and the creature as well as Victor's drive of adventure….

Lightsey AP English Literature October 31, Frankenstein and Young Frankenstein Though Frankenstein was first viewed as a horrific story of a deformed creature, created by a mad scientist, it has been remade into various different versions, including the all famous comedy Young Frankenstein. Many might ask what exactly about watching this movie is educational…. As creatures of society, it is a primal desire of human beings to belong somewhere in the crazy world they live in.

But, in order to belong somewhere, there are certain constraints we must fit into. These constraints, or prerequisites, the tacit codes spoken of by Professor Ignatieff, are what determine how we dress and act on a daily basis. In order to describe this particular occurrence, Ignatieff veraciously asserts that in order to belong to a certain cultural group, there are unwritten laws…. A cirrhosis is a disease of the liver. Too much drinking can also lead to brain damage. What is a pathogens? A pathogen are microorganisms microbes that causes diseases. They include some bacteria, protoza certain single celled creatures , fungi and all viruses.

Pathogens can spread in different ways Other pathogens are picked up by eating food containing them, this is….

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Essay about Heavenly Creatures Submitted By cbale Open Document. Heavenly Creatures Murder always leaves one asking why and it is especially puzzling when a daughter and her best friend decide to kill a seemingly loving mother. This normality of behavior makes the murder plot all the more terrifying. Heavenly Creatures exemplifies how opposites attract. Pauline, from a working class family, is a sullen, slightly overweight, and withdrawn year-old. While she is a good student, she displays no real joy in her life until a new student, Juliette, arrives from England.

Juliette is a beautiful, cultured, vibrant, and articulate year-old.

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She expresses herself with a raw animated exuberance for life. Juliette is intrigued and attracted to Paulette.