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It is called Spelling City. Write what the book was about. Describe the characters and what happened … Click here to write your own. Read More. But a r…. Homeschool Preschool Ideas :gentle ways to schedule the day and keep learning fun in every day activities. Homeschool your preschooler without being overwhelmed.

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Let's keep in touch! Read more about Writing Skills Find out how to teach writing skills with literature.

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The Hobbit. The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.

Use this homeschool printable on Character Models of Trust to collate your ideas from your reading. Narrative Outline free homeschooling worksheet used to list the 5W's and H of a narrative Who, When, Where, Why, What and How , the Resolution and Conclusion and use these story elements to create the child's own narrative. How do you develop a love of writing in your children?

Upload A Picture or photo [? Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. I have only been an internet user for just …. You can …. Your children can learn a …. Narration is firstly an oral skill and then …. Describe the characters and what happened …. Latest Pages. Keep On Track. DIY Planner Unit Study Planner.

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Hobbit E-book. DIY Education. Join in! Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. All about the Alphabet - read more. Beginning Handwriting Curriculum. Read more at SchoolhouseTeachers. Homeschool Planner Keep on Track Planner - no dates. Recent Articles.

Need help to Keep on Track? Talk soon Marianne Email. I have read and accept the privacy policy. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. Descriptive Writing. The Milkmaid and Her Pail. The Bundle of Sticks. Close Help Entering your story is easy to do.

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So, after another 3 years, my brother finally got a job in the lab. I mean, everything is possible, but not for everyone I'm a wife to my "Mr. A momma of five. A maker of slow food and simple living. A collector of memories, a keeper of books, and a champion for books that make memories. An addict who likes my half-and-half with a splash of coffee. A fractured pot transformed by the One Who makes broken things beautiful.

I heart homeschooling, brake for libraries, and am glad you're here with me on the journey!

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Be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Although I recognize that perhaps none of my five children will grow up to be the next C. Lewis or Beatrix Potter, I know that they all have a story to tell. And if given the proper direction…if that story is cultivated and nurtured…each of them can develop a delight for words and learn to creativity piece them together with purpose.

Here are a few of my GO TO resources and others that I'd highly recommend for igniting a passion for creative writing. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for full details. By providing a starter sentence or an inspirational prompt, you can help to spark an entire story. Follow these links to hundreds of "first lines" and story starters. Lego Writing Prompts from Homegrown Learners- This post provides numerous links on Lego themed learning including many Lego inspired writing prompts.