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Just before Dick gives the signal, the businessman pulls over to pick up a third hitchhiker — a black soldier. Download it! Agent Nye visits a rooming house in Las Vegas where Perry had once lived. Barbara — a suburban housewife - has no leads for Nye.

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She asks Nye to not reveal her whereabouts to Perry. He cries so easily…. He can make you feel so sorry for him. Or is he simply evil? Related Quotes with Explanations.

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Dick and Perry seek shelter from a rainstorm in a barn. They discover a car in the barn and decide to steal it. Dick has come up with a new fantasy of how he might achieve some semblance of the American Dream. Perry, meanwhile, still suspects that their evildoings cannot go unpunished. Meanwhile, rumors still abound in Holcomb.

Kansas City. Perry is at the Washateria, doing laundry and waiting for Dick to return.

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He feels sick with worry. Dick continues to build up the fantasy of life in Florida — unlike Perry's romantic dreams of treasure hunting in Mexico, Dick wants to go to Florida because that's where rich people go. Dick seems to feel that just by being near those "winners" he will be a winner too. Alvin , in the midst of a dream about catching Dick and Perry , is awakened by a call from Agent Nye. Dick and Perry have been traced to Kansas City, but no one is able to track them down. Alvin feels that the capture of Dick and Perry has become a thing of fantasy.

Christmas Day. Dick gives his seashells to a twelve-year-old girl, and he attempts to hold her hand. Being in Florida has put Dick face-to-face with an American Dream he can never realize — one of immense wealth, power, and sex appeal.

Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood: Summary & Analysis

Perry overhears Christmas carols on a radio and he is moved to tears. Perry is once again convinced that his family history has doomed him in some way. Although he feels his dreams have been shattered, the romantic quality of his suicidal fantasy seems to share the romance of his previous dreams. Dick and Perry pick up a couple hitchhikers — an old man and a young boy. Dick is initially annoyed by the passengers, but quickly warms up to them when the young boy introduces him to the art of finding returnable bottles by the roadside.

Together, they load the car full of bottles, and the boy exchanges them at a motel. They split the money and eat a big dinner at a diner. A parallel can be drawn between Perry and possibly Dick and the young boy. December 30th. The Dewey household. Alvin gets a call notifying him that Dick and Perry have been arrested in Las Vegas.

Alvin sets off for Las Vegas. Earlier that day, Dick and Perry arrive at the post office in Las Vegas to pick up a box they mailed from Mexico containing, among other things, the boots they wore the night they murdered the Clutters. Dick has hatched a new plan to impersonate an officer and write bad checks at the casinos. Dick is interrogated at the Las Vegas City Jail. Agent Nye is surprised by how skinny Dick is. The investigators catch his lies, but Dick still denies his involvement with the murders.

Agent Nye emerges from the interrogation room and spots Perry. The agents accuse him of killing the Clutters, and Perry falls silent. His knees pain him. Both Dick and Perry are considered to have abnormal features, at least according to Agent Nye. Perry and Dick are jailed in separate cells, and they ruminate about their respective interrogations. Perry longs to talk to Dick. Dick, meanwhile, realizes that Floyd has ratted him out. He considers that he should have killed Floyd while he was in prison. Then he realizes that Perry is a greater liability, and regrets not killing Perry while they were wandering the desert.

Dick seems to have adopted a casual attitude toward murder. It seems that his motivation for committing evil acts stems from a place of selfishness, whereas with Perry it stems from a place of childhood trauma. Perry and Dick are interrogated a second time.

Analysis Of Truman Capote 's Cold Blood

Perry sticks to the alibi. Dick, on the other hand, when presented with a photograph of a bloody footprint from the scene of the crime, rats on Perry. He killed them all. In ratting out Perry, Dick has essentially sentenced him to death — yet another example of his casual and selfish attitude toward the taking of human life, and his selfish tendency to always put himself first. Holcomb has lost its innocence to such a degree that the townspeople are reluctant to let go of their cynical belief that the killer is one of their own!

Innocence vs. Dick and Perry are being driven back to Garden City in a police caravan. Perry sits in the passenger seat beside Alvin , who is driving. Once in Garden City, the agents turn Perry against Dick , and Perry fills the investigators in on details of the murder. Accessed October 18, Harold Nye travels to Las Vegas to circulate Perry Smith 's photo in pawnshops and to question the landlady of the rooming house where he had stayed.

She shows Nye a cardboard box tied with cord Perry asked her to keep for him until he returned.

Nye finds it filled with junk, nothing that provides any evidence about the crime. Nye also interviews Barbara Johnson, Perry's sister, who admits she is afraid of Perry and asks Nye not to tell Perry where she lives. The last time she'd seen Perry was , in Denver; in talking about how his father abused him, Perry became furious and threatened Barbara when she tried to interrupt. Having lost her other siblings to drink and suicide, Barbara, the only Smith who has escaped the family curse, wants to remain distanced from Perry.

Perry and Dick Hickock , meanwhile, are in Iowa, starving and stuck in a rainstorm. They head to a barn for shelter.

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Perry feels they ought to stay far away from Kansas City, but Dick says it's the best place for him to "hang paper. In the barn, Dick spots a black-and-white Chevrolet with the key in the ignition—a stroke of luck. In this section, Capote shows how Harold Nye begins to construct a case against Dick Hickock and Perry Smith , first breaking Dick's alibi for the weekend trip to Fort Scott after the murders.

To ensure Perry's and Dick's relatives he interviews won't tip off the criminals, Nye states he's seeking Dick and Perry only for parole violations and passing bad checks. But it becomes increasingly clear none of the relatives will step forward to protect either Perry or Dick. Dick is confident about getting away with writing bad checks in Kansas City and remains convinced he and Perry are somehow immune to any association with the Clutter case. But Perry is terrified Dick is wrong, and tension builds as investigators move in on the two killers.