July 2012 ca bar exam essays

That is the only site where you can find graded essays. Multistate Performance Test. Property of the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Biogenesis, Inc. MPT 2: Ronald v. Franklin Sports Gazette , Inc.

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MPT Point Sheets. Soper MPT 2: Ashton v. Indigo Construction Co. I like these MPTs because the library does not have a two-column format for cases. The property is used here in accordance with all written regulations. Write A Passing. Performance Test. Jurax Bar by. I decided to give it a shot, and I'm so glad I did. Patrick put me on a strict schedule and told me exactly what I needed to hear. No sugar coating anything.

He was firm, yet professional. He assigned a lot of work but was flexible when I did not have time. Patrick spent extra time making sure I understood every concept. Patrick was also very responsive to all of my emails and I always felt like he was on top of everything, unlike another competing tutor I had.

Without him, I highly doubt I would have passed. Patrick is exceptional in every way.


I can't thank him enough! I just wanted to let you know that I passed, and that I owe it all to your tutoring and feedback. In particular, it was your PT approach that most profoundly affected my chances the second time around. In other words, I don't think you realize how revolutionary your approach is, and just how powerful it is. You need to stress that. Not such a radical change. Because of that, I was tempted to put off the process of doing practice tests as somewhat less important than, say, memorization and other tasks.

If you have students putting off their PT practice tests, it may be because they don't quite know what they're in for. Charlie Palmer. After being out of law school for several years, I took the bar exam in July and failed with mostly 50s and 55s on my essays, a 55 and 60 on the PTs, and a raw score of on the MBE. Given how hard I had studied, I knew that I must have had some sort of systematic problem in writing the exam to get such uniformly bad scores. I also knew that if I was going to pass the bar on the next try, I needed a personal tutor. Thanks to Google, I found Patrick and immediately contacted him to see if he would take me as a student.

Fortunately for me, he said yes. Starting in January , I met with him on Skype twice a week, writing six essays a week for him, as he reworked my writing approach. Although it was painful to my ego to get back my essays covered with notes and corrections, it was worth it all when I took and passed the February bar exam. I now recommend Patrick to everyone I know who is taking or knows someone who is taking the bar exam.

I even recommended him to other bar examinees when I was taking the exam! Patrick will teach you to write clearly and efficiently - two key elements of writing passing essays. There is no way I would have been nearly as prepared for the bar exam if I had not worked with Patrick.

Preparing for the MEE - NCBE

Thank you, Patrick! Matthew A. Nicole Torrado. Catherine Tabor Ventura College of Law.

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Amy Staehr. Henrik Sardarbegians. Camille Thomas. Dennis Lee. Patrick sells two things: a methodology for writing essays, and his time in making sure you execute it properly. This methodology is efficient, easy to understand, and very effective. I took Patrick's full-time program while working in a foreign country. It was rough, and he is demanding, but he gets you to get the job done. Michael C. Patrick's provides helpful and reliable advice.

He tailors the study schedule according to your needs and most importantly, makes sure that you understand key essay concepts. I highly recommend him! Erica A. Among replica handbags all the grandchildren of Princess gucci replica Grace, Pierre is the most cheerful personality, humorous, social replica hermes and travel, speaks English, handbags replica , Italian, German, and also has replica handbags wide range of hobbies. Member login Register Now My Cart. Member login.

California Bar Exam: Performance Test Questions

Register Now. My Cart. David T. Wais A. July CBX Passer.

Patrick's individualized program worked with my constantly fluctuating schedule and his real world experience as an examiner provided extremely useful tools to approach each essay question ensuring that I focused on the real issues and provided the analysis the bar examiners were looking for. Thanks Patrick! Patrick provided detailed critiques that pointed what I was doing wrong with each essay. More importantly, Patrick taught me how to properly approach a question and then present the law and facts to the bar graders in a well organized format.

Patrick's advice and teachings made even the most intimidating bar questions manageable. Patrick's program is the perfect compliment to a substantive bar review course. My scores each time were in the mids; quite far away from the needed to pass. My essay and PT scores were always in the range. Patrick's essay feedback was spot-on as we worked to improve my writing and analysis skills.

His Performance Test workshop gave me a solid strategy with which to attack the PTs. It worked! I just received the news that I passed the February exam. I can confidently say that it is because of Patrick's tutoring program that I was able to go from s to a passing score.

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Sign up for Bar Tutor if you want to pass! It is worth the investment! Grasping this helped me to write in a way that not only got the law on the paper but was structured in a way that would maximize the points a grader would award.