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What I mean is, instead of copying tactics, focus on the underlying reasons and strategy that led to the improvements:. You can go ahead and just copy the page, and hell, it might work for you. At some point, when your product has been validated, having it be really well designed is going to get people to love it, trust it, buy it, stay loyal to it, and tell all their friends about it.

Valuewalk is a financial and business news site with millions of monthly readers. Legitimacy and trust is really important or people who want investment literature. Let me elaborate: Their audience is people who read financial news and investing news. Think about the kind of materials online and offline they are used to seeing: well designed financial sites and documents, professional corporate earnings reports, and major media sites like Wall Street Journal.

How we made $1 million for Moz—with one landing page and a few emails | Conversion Rate Experts

But now we wanted to do more than validate , we wanted to optimize. The lesson here is that I started with a hypothesis of what the customer was looking for polished design , then concluded that we were definitely not providing that.

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So, start by analyzing what your customer wants. Is your email capture landing page giving them that? Is your layout, design, and copy making your offer seem irresistible? What could you change to improve it? Social proof has been talked about over and over again as a way to persuade people and increase conversions.

One was from Warren Buffet talking endorsing value investing. This makes the reader value value investing more yes, I was waiting to drop that line , which is what the ebook is about. Second, his face is instantly recognizable to anyone scanning the page. Both serve to push the reader to want to opt-in by having experts endorse: 1 the subject of the ebook and 2 the value of the newsletter itself.

Web Design Process Pt. 3 - Design (Startup landing page)

To really quantify how much each of these quotes affected the conversion rate, you would have to do further experiments where the variations removed each quote individually. Let me save you some time….

But if your ask is small an ebook for an email , short is likely better. Michael Aagaard breaks this down well. Most people say to put at least one CTA at the top of the page above the fold , which is generally the most valuable real estate on a web page. But, again, if you have a complex product, you will likely have to spend some time convincing the prospect they want it, so having a CTA below the fold has been shown to work better more than once. But this gives us some insight into how many opt-ins you get at various locations on a landing page like this one simple offer, simple ask.

Here is the one on my site, a little excessive in number of logos, but you get the picture:.

Defining the Key Pain Points

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UX/UI Case Study: Landing page redesign for website building app

Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Original Page Tested Page w 4. Result EA was right, but for the wrong reason.

Case Study Landing Page Example #1: Betting Expert

They ran several tests, and found that rather than raising the CTA, it was eliminating the offer altogether as seen in the tested image that increased conversions by Original Page Tested Page 7. They calculated the number of high quality leads i. Result w 8. Tester: ComScore Goal: Increase the number of leads generated Hypothesis: Improving brand validation and social proof will increase the number of leads generated.

To test this hypothesis, ComScore opted to put greater emphasis on client testimonials. Original Page Tested Page w This means that their page was converting around 1 of every 5 visitors. Result w CTA button color is incredibly easy to test. In industries where a lot of fraud exists, this test is absolutely worth doing. Tester: DENTIST Goal: Increase page conversions Hypothesis: Knowing that users become more interested the deeper they are in the sign-up funnel, they hypothesize that making the initial step as easy as possible removing form fields will decrease bounce rates and increase conversions down the road.

Shortening the first step of the sign-up funnel increased conversions by Original Page w Tested Page w Download the Complete Guide to Landing Pages w