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Ultimately, this is how you show YOU. You are showing adcoms what potential you have, your ability to grow from seeing how you have grown. It feeds into the all-too-common questions on secondaries "How will you bring driversity to our class? You do have your experiences that in their totality are uniquely yours. Own them. Find a theme.

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Find what drives you. Find why you do what you do. Find what you have to offer as YOU, you wonderful pre-med child of the world. Your personal statement will benefit from thinking about these things, as will your life in general. This is why the normal matriculant tends to be older. We generally aren't forced to think about our identity and who we are when we're in school - most of us get to identify as students at the very least.

When the label "student" gets taken away, then what? We become our job? Or what, we like to hide behind the label of being a pre-med? Well, everyone applying is a pre-med and has been a student, so you've gotta find something else compelling about you. Hopefully this helps you all. After all, we aren't movies or books that are supposed to have themes that can be distilled. Nevertheless, do some reflection and maybe you'll find something that gets at the heart of who you are.

My Most Meaningful Experience

Even without med school, it's a good exercise to do. This whole process of apps has really helped round out who I am and be more thoughtful about me and my story, and even if I hadn't gotten into med school, I was glad I was forced to sit down and evaluate myself. Take it as a great learning experience with a deadline and high stakes that really forces you to get your ass in gear.

Want help with your AMCAS entries? They are as important as your personal statement.

Additional part Just a note I said to someone else in another comment: When I said a story, but I don't mean just like a narrative story. I mean a story in which you have a point - sort of like a parable, if you will, I guess? At any rate, you don't want to end up just listing the things you've done just to list them - you want everything you have in the essay to be purposeful. That's one thing I really appreciated about the music major.

It forced me to write analysis of musical scores sorta like stories, in a way with GOOD essay writing practices, something that we bio majors don't really have to do.

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Did it stretch you and teach you something you never thought you were capable of? If so, tell why. Writing in-depth descriptions as to why an experience meant a great deal to you will help admissions officers understand you better. Be honest in choosing the three experiences that were truly the most meaningful to you.

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If you do otherwise, admissions officers are likely to see right through it. Remember that you will likely get asked about these experiences in an interview; be prepared to talk about them. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Are any of the activities connected to your life events or background? Do any of them have a special personal relevance?

Step 2 - Avoiding Cliche Traps

If you answered yes to this question, that can be an added bonus. Even though it seems easy, many pre-meds struggle to explain the personal motivations behind their choices in activities. If you have more than three valid options, go ahead and write more essays than you need. Each one is not that many characters, and any unused most meaningful will be a readymade secondary essay for down the road.

Writing more than three lets you experiment and see which angles work out the best.

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These essays often start with candidates entrenched in the lab, hunkered over some kind of complex experiment or equipment. The worst essays of this genre start with some meeting, like an executive board, and then catalogue the various obligations and responsibilities that had to be balanced. Ironically, these leadership essays are devoid of characters and dynamic team situations. The narratives often get bogged down in boring administrative details, just like the activities themselves.

The essays end with takeaways about the power of compassion and doing anything within their limited power to help someone. X is so amazing. Z in all my endeavors. The essays usually end with a declaration about filling their shoes one day. If possible, try to deviate from these themes and cliches.

AMCAS Activities and Experiences: 8 Ways to Take Advantage of the Section

For example, think about what makes your leadership experience unusual or memorable - maybe you had to run an event while suffering from a stomach flu, or maybe you had to lead people who were much older than you? The real reason things come off as cliche is because they lack specificity and memorable details. Even if you fall into the conventions of a genre, you can still make the essay unique through your voice and storytelling.

If you cover everything, the different parts will be diluted of their power.

How to Choose the Best Experiences for Your AMCAS Application

So when you write the most meaningful portion, just dive right into your narrative. The hook uses imagery or lively language to draw you into the setting and story, while also quickly introducing the major conflict. Broken exit signs. Smashed ceiling tiles. Bulletin boards smeared in lewd graffiti. Not exactly a wholesome environment for a dormitory. The plot focuses on the most pivotal actions, conversations, or events, and then explains their consequences and resolution.

When I covered the floor rules, the guys laughed and rolled their eyes while tossing a ball around.