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It is this sense of legitimate patriotism that every honest Indian patriot defends. The Western fear of patriotism is derived from an entirely exogenous understanding of the context in which nationalism and patriotism is understood in India. There is a difference of both context and emphasis in the way India and the West perceives patriotism.

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This submerging of the external in the internal or is it the other way around? The character Mrs Moore is about to hang her cloak. She had known this wasp or his relatives by day; they were not as English wasps, but had long yellow legs which hung down behind when they flew. Bats, rats, birds, insects will as soon nest inside a house as out; it is to them a normal growth of the eternal jungle, which alternately produces houses trees, houses trees.

There he clung, asleep, while jackals in the plain bayed their desires and mingled with the percussion of drums. The Western sense of patriotism is entirely exterior. The Indian, having in a sense no distinction between the interior and the exterior, considers patriotism as much to do with the interior as with the exterior. To deprive India of patriotism would be taking away that which held its civilisation alive for more than 5, some would say 10, years. This essay was first published on the author's blog on Medium.

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Ten Lines on Patriotism in English

Is there an Indian way of thinking? Stay here or leave, you will be responsible for the gloom or boom in this country.

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Now it is for you to choose! I am glad he helped retrace my sense of patriotism.


I feel, we are all patriotic, all that is required is to find that voice from within and conquer our fears for mother India. I luv this smal paragraphs on patriotism in India…. As I am the youth of this nation so after reading this I am felling proud to be an Indian…….

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Indian Youth. Importance of the Youth voices and opinion in Improving the Quality…. The Indian education system: Good or Bad? Linguistic Imbalance in Higher Education. Lack of practical knowledge in higher education.

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Social Anxiety Disorder in Young People. Why is depression at an all time high among teenagers?

Long and Short Nationalism Essay in English

Yoga for youth. Home Society Youth and Patriotism in India. How Lack of Education Contributes to Crime. Violence in the Name of Reservations.

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  • Our history has illustrated various spacious pole of unity for national development. The united force of the Indian student brought the spark of independence in India in Similarly the might of oneness among the people of Germany had saved their sovereignty during the devastating world wars. In the same way our country Nepal has become a country which is sung and honoured all over due to its motto "Unity in.

    Our Indian poet Bharathi has told clearly the role of young students in our Indian society and about their patriotism and social service. In our life student phase is very difficult to get back. So at this this stage of life students must not waste their precious time and they must involve in social activities. Students must join in many organizations such as Blue cross society. They must have helping tendency and must be patriotic and must try their level best to bring up our country.

    About the Author 2. Shiv Khera, the author of the book is the founder. Their satyagrahas, sacrifices, and tortures have resulted in the freedom that we enjoy today in our motherland India. But, what have we done after that? They gave us freedom and went, but after that what have we, as Indians, done for this country?

    It also differentiated in terms of its distribution channels, using associated advertising — feeling of patriotism with usage of Indian made product.

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    Amul brought a change in this perception and positioned ice creams as a family product thus increasing the volume of consumption. Thus by catering to the untapped market they. Australia is missing a national identity, as the country has yet to construct its own national identity. This lack of a clear national identity can largely be attributed to the youth of the country.