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The accounting profession is a prestigious one but is not without its issues. Complaints are often made that accountants are either too regulated or too unregulated, and complaints about gender bias in accounting are not rare. A master's thesis about accounting reform could cover educational, business or social topics. For example, a thesis on accounting education could evaluate whether accounting curricula at various schools gives students an idea of what kind of work accountants do in the real world.

Thesis and Capstone Requirements for Accounting Programs

Accounting course schedule sheets could be compared with accountant work schedules. These materials would be obtained from accountants and accounting professors. Based in St. John's, Canada, Andrew Button has been writing since , covering politics, business and finance.

He has contributed to newspapers and online magazines, including "The Evening Telegram" and cbc. College Life. College Admissions. Once you have your thesis statement, you are set to start writing! Do you already have several ones for a particular topic? Remember that they should be only academic sources, not just that blogs that you may want to follow. Do you have a paper that you already wrote last year or for a previous class? You can even extend that idea, or put a new twist on it to make it a full-fledged thesis.

Find something that you are passionate about and get down to work!

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